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Revolutionising logistics news since 2020, Porttalk has outgrown its fortnightly roots in East Anglia and blossomed into a monthly nationwide e-newsletter and online logistics hub.


In 2024, we’re not just expanding our frequency and geography but redefining how logistics updates are delivered. Porttalk is your go-to source for cost-efficient, friendly, and crucial industry insights. Whether it’s company news, market intelligence, or updates from various sectors navigating the nation’s ports, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to the future of logistics news – welcome to Porttalk.

Wow, what a fantastic idea and just what’s needed!  This is certainly something that will be a beacon of information and resources for port users and logistics people. Just the recruitment side alone is a great space for those locally seeking to enter the industry. Bravo!

Jon Swallow


Congratulations on a great initiative. I can’t believe somebody hasn’t thought about this sooner. It’s just what the industry needs.

Andy Miller

Felixstowe Rotary