Freeport East Hydrogen Hub will boost decarbonisation agenda

Freeport East Hydrogen Hub will boost decarbonisation agenda

24.2.2021 | Ports


Hub will be one of the world’s most innovative nuclear, hydrogen, maritime and transport decarbonisation schemes.

The planned Freeport East Hydrogen Hub will be one of the world’s most exciting and innovative nuclear, hydrogen, maritime and transport decarbonisation schemes.

As a pillar of the Freeport East bid, it could begin to create significant numbers of new jobs within the next 12 months and will demonstrate the UK’s Net Zero capabilities in the build-up to COP26.

At its peak, the project, which will be delivered in partnership with Ryse-Hydrogen and Sizewell C developers, EDF, will produce 1GW of hydrogen – 20% of the 5GW target in the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution.

Commenting on the plan, George Kieffer, Chairman of the Freeport East Project Board, said:

“Green energy is at the heart of the Freeport East proposition. The development of the Hydrogen Hub, and the involvement of serious partners in Ryse-Hydrogen and EDF, shows that ours is a proposal backed by real substance. By creating a hotbed for green energy innovation Freeport East will create high-value jobs helping drive regeneration both locally and nationally.”

Jo Bamford, Executive Chairman of Ryse-Hydrogen, said it would rival the world’s biggest ‘green’ projects.

“Incredible things happen when like-minded industries join forces,” he explained. “The Freeport East Hydrogen Hub will be seen as a global ‘heavyweight’ decarbonisation project, with delivery achievable within 18 months due to the significant private organisations involved, and the pace at which they are able to begin investment.

“The Government wants to kick-start a green recovery and it is projects like this one which can deliver. In addition to hydrogen production and zero-emission transport at the ports, it contributes to the nuclear power programme, will use power from wind farms off the East Anglian coast, will drive innovation and promote green maritime – that’s six boxes ticked of the PM’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution.”

Julia Pyke, Director at Sizewell C, said:

“Using reliable nuclear power from Sizewell B and C alongside renewables, Freeport East has the potential to host one of the most exciting ‘green’ hydrogen schemes in the UK. Suffolk has great opportunities to benefit from the combination of its nuclear and renewables industry, its ports, and the construction of Sizewell C using hydrogen vehicles wherever possible, to build a hydrogen economy and be at the forefront of this exciting development.”

Clemence Cheng, Managing Director, Hutchison Ports Europe, said:

“The development of the Hydrogen Hub will allow the Port of Felixstowe and Harwich International to lead in the development of alternative fuel port equipment. Establishing a test-bed to showcase hydrogen’s potential in a port environment will establish the UK as a clear leader in developments that will help address climate change and the net-zero agenda.

“With the largest road, rail and maritime freight hub in the country as part of our bid, we have the scale necessary to secure the early take-up of hydrogen power across the freight and maritime sectors.”

Freeport East is centred upon the Port of Felixstowe and Harwich International Port, both operated by Hutchison Ports, part of the CK Hutchison group. Other partners are South East and New Anglia LEPs, Suffolk and Essex county councils, Mid Suffolk Council, East Suffolk Council, Tendring District Council, Harwich Haven Authority and the Haven Gateway Partnership. It is backed by a wide range of businesses, business organisations and education providers.

Freeport East will generate 13,500 new jobs, investment of over £500m and provide a £5.5bn economic boost over a 10-year period.

VARTAN Consultancy delivers business benefits through  operator compliance

VARTAN Consultancy delivers business benefits through operator compliance

24.2.2021 | Risk Management

VARTAN Consultancy delivers business benefits through operator compliance

Critical areas of non-compliance identified.

With the additional complexities facing the logistics sector since leaving the EU, now more than ever is the time for hauliers and operators to ensure they are DVSA Operator Licence compliant.

VARTAN Consultancy helps clients ensure their operational compliance and reap the business benefits achieved by running vehicles efficiently and safely. 

Peter Bennett, VARTAN’s recently appointed Operator Licence Compliance Consultant, says: “Those companies that stay ahead of their obligations see a raft of benefits, not least peace of mind for the fleet/transport manager and the company’s directors.  Compliance can also help towards achieving DVSA earned recognition status and is a key enabler when it comes to obtaining accreditations such as Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and Fleet Operator Recognition (FORS) Bronze to Gold .”

Critical areas of non-compliance where defects are identified include*:

  • Brake systems
  • Condition of tyres
  • Service brake operation
  • Direction indicators and hazard warning lamps
  • Steering mechanism
  • Spray suppression
  • Suspension

Peter continues: “Whilst overall compliance breaches have reduced since 2013, it is concerning that data for 2019/2020 shows the highest level of tyre defects for HGV’s inspected at roadside and operator’s premises during the last seven years. Many of these defects should have been identified and repaired via a comprehensive daily walk-round check.

“Companies need to consider their operator’s licence as one of their most valuable assets, but unfortunately, the procedures and paperwork involved in keeping on top of things are often overlooked.” 

 VARTAN’s operator compliance service can be tailored to meet individual clients’ needs and includes an initial gap analysis, a thorough review of operational processes and procedures, business consultancy to optimise bottom-line performance, fixed price operator licence applications, tachograph analysis and virtual transport office support.

Peter adds: “If you think of operator compliance as ‘prevention is better than cure’, the benefits are self-evident, and most importantly it enables company directors to concentrate on looking after the safety and welfare of their employees whilst operating profitably.”

For more information about Vartan Compliance Consultancy visit


New online look for FPUA

New online look for FPUA

24.2.2021 | Ports

New online look for FPUA

Felixstowe Port Users’ Association has been busy over the last few months developing its new website.


More than ever before, websites act as a ‘shop window’ for an organisation or company and with this in mind, Jason Flower, chairman of the FPUA, says: “A refresh was well overdue as our original website was designed back in 2014. Not only has the role of an online presence changed since then, but as a membership organisation, so have we.”

As a pro-active, independent body for companies who conduct business activity in or through the Port of Felixstowe, Jason believes: “It’s vital that we reflect modern port life and the role our members play in keeping Britain moving.”

The new website encourages its 100+ membership to send in their news and to use the site as an extension of their own to communicate with the port community at large.

Jason adds: “Our aim is for our new website to become the first port of call for anyone looking to gain an understanding of what is happening locally and from a members’ perspective to be a collaborative voice on behalf of Felixstowe’s port community.”

For more information about Felixstowe Port Users’ Association, or to become a member, visit

Fargo Systems scoops Logistics Awards finalist nomination

Fargo Systems scoops Logistics Awards finalist nomination

24.2.2021 | Technology

Fargo Systems shortlisted in Logistics Awards

Teamwork has landed Fargo Systems and Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W) a finalist nomination in the Technology Transformation category.

With the awards rescheduled for Wednesday, 3rd March due to Covid, Fargo Systems’ nomination recognises its pioneering work migrating three of its Genesee & Wyoming-owned clients (Freightliner Road Services, Pentalver Transport Ltd and Pentalver (Cannock) Ltd) on to a dedicated cloud-based platform.

Steve Collins, Director of Fargo Systems, says: “The project was a first of its kind for us, a fixed-term roll-out of our TOPS telematics software followed by a three-phase database implementation programme, involving three of our longstanding clients, all of which have been acquired by G&W.”

From the initial project planning stage in early 2019, G&W recognised Fargo Systems strengths; the quality of its logistics software solution product range, its reputation across the UK’s logistics industry, and the depth of relationships the company enjoys with all three of its acquired businesses.

TOPS TMS is now accessed by over 100 administration, and operational users across the three distinct businesses and TOPS…on the go has been rolled out across 500 plus trucks, enabling G&W to provide real-time information on deliveries and electronic PODs to its customer base. Plus, dedicated owner-operators benefit from TOPS ePOD, affording them the same level of delivery detail as their own-fleet counterparts.

Dave Malpass, Transport Manager of Pentalver Cannock, says: “The cloud TOPS platform is a gamechanger. We are now able to view our whole road operations in one place, which is already yielding efficiencies and cost savings, including improved vehicle utilisation, a significant reduction in empty running and reduced duplication of vehicle resource.”

Shaun Allen, G&W UK/Europe region’s Managing Director of road services and the driving force behind the whole project, says: “Our database and cloud platform now provides a dedicated and secure environment that is easy for the business to access, is scalable, and our entire data is stored in a safe environment. An added benefit is zero maintenance is required from our own internal IT guys.”

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Seven Ways to Use a TALE Grant

Seven Ways to Use a TALE Grant

24.2.2021 | Logistics

Seven ways to use a TALE grant

TALE Grants are worth £1,000- £10,000 (up to 40% of your total spend).

TALE helps eligible SMEs with a logistics function better use their data analytics to become more efficient and productive.

TALE Grants are worth £1,000- £10,000 (up to 40% of your total spend) and don’t have to be repaid.

Eligible projects may include the following:

• Software projects to make your despatch and logistics systems more efficient.
• Implementing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) or core management systems.
• Implementing new vehicle routing systems.
• The design, build and launch of web-based customer information portals linked to your existing systems.
• Software systems or CRM systems that will help you use data to gain much stronger business intelligence.
• Consultancy costs to help with selecting the correct software.
• Small items (under £1,000) to support your projects – printers, tablets, mobile phones, vehicle trackers.

We also offer TALE Lite grants of £1,000-£2,000 to help you purchase software and initial consultancy advice related to data (for projects costing £2,500-£5,000).

With a closing date of 30th April 2021 for applications, visit TALE to determine if your business and project are eligible for support.

TALE is an ERDF-funded programme.