TALE supports logistics business growth

TALE supports logistics business growth

20.4.2021 | Logistics

3 Ways Small Logistics Businesses Can Grow

TALE (Transport and Logistical Efficiencies) supports SME development.

Over the past two years, the TALE team has interviewed a range of businesses about the current state of their logistics operations and their hopes for the future. During these diagnostic sessions, we identified three ways business owners improve productivity and efficiency, and grow their logistics business.

1. Digitise your systems

Diagnostics revealed that while logistics businesses have a high desire to digitise, they’re not always sure how to do it. Managing logistics operations is complex, and many businesses still use spreadsheets to do so. This is not as efficient as other digital technologies that are readily available.

Online coaching such as our Microsoft 365 sessions, teaches business owners to do ‘new tricks’ with the software they already have.

2. Write a business strategy

Thinking about the future and how you will grow your business is very important. Although most businesses believe they have strong leadership skills, their leaders often lack the experience to come up with a strategy.

Bring your strategy questions to our experts. 1:1 mentoring can help you focus on specific concerns; provide honest feedback and new solutions you might not have considered previously. We can offer you a free ‘up to 9-hour mentoring package’ worth up to £1,200.

3. Invest in B2B Services

Through TALE we have highlighted the business opportunity presented by offering online services to clients. These include real-time tracking of deliveries and order updates, as well as 24/7 booking services.

TALE Lite grants are available to help you purchase software and initial consultancy advice related to data, and are worth £1,000 to £2,000. Applications can be processed in as little as a fortnight.

Apply for a TALE or TALE Lite grant before April 30th 2021.

TALE is funded by ERDF, visit tale.org.uk to find out more.

Ever Given Lessons

Ever Given Lessons

21.4.2021 | Tax

Ever Given Lessons

Stephanie Hammond, director at Beatons Group, explores the ripple effect and impact of the logistics sector’s biggest mishap. 

Drama of Ever Given shows how challenging the logistics sector can be.

The unprecedented six-day shutdown of the Suez Canal and the subsequent impoundment of The Ever Given shows the enormous challenges the logistics sector faces every day.

The Ever Given became lodged diagonally in the globally important waterway on March 23, blocking the canal completely and halting billions in maritime commerce and trade.

Here, Stephanie Hammond, Director at Beatons group, explores the difficulties the industry overcomes on a daily basis and how one mishap can end up costing billions.

A knife-edge

Aerial photographs of the Ever Given showed how important the thin stretch of water between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea is to the world.

To think that just one ship, albeit a very large one, could cause so much disruption shows the fine line logistics companies often have to navigate to ensure goods get where they need to be.

It shows the precision in which the logistic sector is run – and how an error can be very costly.


Now the Ever Given has been moved and the canal back to full operation, the litigation starts.

The Suez Canal Authority, part of the Egyptian government, has seized the vessel and is demanding compensation of £666m from the Ever Given’s protection and indemnity insurer, UK Club.

It is understood that negotiations are still ongoing.

The amount will likely take into account the salvage operation, costs of stalled canal traffic and lost transit fees for the week that the Ever Given blocked the canal.
Litigation could be complex since the vessel is owned by a Japanese firm, operated by a Taiwanese shipper, and flagged in Panama.
It is said that the court order will help the canal authority reclaim the costs it incurred from the blockage. Loss of revenue from transit fees, which start at more than £70,000 per ship, ran to almost £11m a day.

The canal operator is also seeking compensation for repairs to damage caused when the Ever Given hit the right hand-bank of the waterway, along with costs related to dredging and salvage work.


The incident added strain to an industry already under pressure from the coronavirus pandemic, sparking fears for delayed goods, shortages and rising costs.

UK port operators warned British businesses to brace for disruption as they faced a surge of ships arriving at once, threatening to overwhelm their ability to handle so much traffic.
The Ever Given incident has made clear the scale of the logistics sector, the challenges it faces and how one mishap thousands of miles away can impact lives and businesses around the globe.

For more information on Beatons Group, visit beatons.co.uk

Image: Ever Given, credit Adam Howlett, Prominent PR

Rallying to the litter-free cause

Rallying to the litter-free cause

20.4.2021 | Logistics

Rallying to the litter-free cause

Logistics community supports national campaign.

Tomorrow, 22nd April and Earth Day sees the regions logistics industry come together to back Litter-Free Felixstowe (an active community interest group with nearly 1,000 members) in its support of the national Litter-Free Roads and Lay-bys UK initiative.

Goldstar Transport has been leading the march to encourage members of the logistics community to pledge their support. With efforts paying off, Maritime Transport, Macintyre, Port Express, Turners, Vartan, Fargo Systems, Peach PR, Porttalk, Seven Logistics and Pat Stockley photography have all pledged their support.

Steve Jones, general manager at Goldstar says: “It’s great that so many have rallied to the cause and are supporting National Litter-Free Roads and Lay-bys UK. In this age and with such focus on the environment, nobody should be littering our roads. By coming together, we can highlight the problem and reinforce our commitment to a national road network that isn’t blighted by litter.”

Debbie Bartlett, the founder of Litter-Free Felixstowe, concludes: “We are pleased to see the fantastic response of the haulage industry in support- it is so important to have a united approach together with the relevant local authorities. Earth Day is a great moment to launch this campaign together.”

Find out how to get involved and keep our roads and laybys litter-free.

VKVP Haulage opts for retreads

VKVP Haulage opts for retreads

19.5.2021 |Haulage

VKVP Haulage opts for retreads

Haulier reaffirms commitment to reducing its carbon emissions.


With a responsible eye on its impact on the environment, logistics specialist VKVP Haulage has committed to utilising retread tyres across its fleet, underpinning the company’s ongoing strategy of reducing its operational effects on our planet.

VKVP Haulage transport compliance manager, Tony Willats, explains: “The production of one retread tyre, for example, saves up to 75 litres of oil, compared to manufacturing a new tyre. As it’s a legal requirement that retreads are tested to the same ECE109 criteria as new tyres the change in purchasing enables us to make a difference but retain our existing tyre performance.”

Formed in 2014 VKVP Haulage provides a comprehensive range of container transport services to the supply chain industry and operates a fleet of over 55 vehicles and 80 dedicated trailers from the ports of Felixstowe, London Gateway, and Southampton.

For more information about VKVP Haulage visit VKVP-haulage.co.uk


Imorex appoints General Manager

Imorex appoints General Manager

19.4.2021 | Logistics

Imorex appoints General Manager

Tony Stoker joins Imorex as part of its business expansion plans.


Tony joins the warehouse and distribution specialist from Eagle Freight and brings a wealth of ETSF, warehousing and transport experience.

Tasked with the responsibility of driving the business forward, Tony says: “This is an exciting role for me at a pivotal time for Imorex. I could see the huge potential of what Graeme and Ross are building and am keen to be part of the company’s growth strategy.”

Imorex Managing Director Graeme Connor adds, “Tony has a strong background in the logistics sector, which is experience we can call upon as we continue to develop the business. A great addition to the team.”

For more information about Imorex visit imorex.co.uk