Uniserve empowers Vivid Goliath to navigate peak season successfully

Uniserve empowers Vivid Goliath to navigate peak season successfully

23.4.2024 | Warehousing

Uniserve empowers Vivid Goliath to navigate peak season successfully

Logistics giant appointed as strategic logistics partner, offering high-quality, efficient 3PL services equipped with reliable picking, packing, and rework procedures. 


Uniserve proudly announces the successful collaboration with Vivid Goliath, a prominent and Top 10 supplier within the toys and games trade. Vivid Goliath delivers exceptional results amidst the fast-paced and seasonal demands of their market.

Vivid Goliath faced the challenge of managing a substantial volume of approximately 50,000 order lines annually across diverse customer channels. These channels included major national retailers and e-commerce platforms, including Argos and Amazon. To meet these demands and streamline its supply chain, Vivid Goliath required a comprehensive logistics management solution that ensured precise stock management, reduced costs, and increased operational and distribution efficiency.

Uniserve was appointed Vivid Goliath’s new strategic logistics partner. It offers high-quality, efficient 3PL services equipped with reliable picking, packing, and rework procedures. Leveraging the capabilities of our 750,000 sq ft Felixstowe Mega DC, Uniserve provided rapid and responsive support along with tailored storage solutions to meet Vivid Goliath’s unique needs.

To ensure seamless order consolidation, Uniserve established a dedicated central team responsible for managing delivery bookings directly with Vivid Goliath’s customers.

From the offset, Uniserve has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement in conjunction with Vivid Goliath. It has delivered several initiatives that significantly benefited Vivid Goliath’s operations and costs, including reduced stock holding initiatives, slicker transport planning for different routes to market, and the onboarding of dedicated staff to facilitate all of Vivid Goliath’s value-added service requirements.

Nick Thomas, General Manager at Vivid Goliath, commented:
“This is the smoothest Peak season that Vivid Goliath has experienced recently. Thanks to the collaborative approach between our Operations Team and our 3PL provider, Uniserve, we have successfully navigated our key sales period in the calendar. We look forward to further developing our relationship in the upcoming year and seeing what future initiatives will hold.”

Ministry plates going paperless – make your voice heard

Ministry plates going paperless – make your voice heard

23.4.2024 | Haulage

Ministry plates going paperless – make your voice heard

The DVSA is seeking views from industry on changing legal requirements to display a ‘Ministry plate’ on a goods vehicle/trailer.

The DVSA is considering changing the requirements for Ministry plates on HGVs and trailers as part of plans to improve services and wants your views.

DVSA is working to make Ministry plates and plating certificates (VTG6 & 7 documents) available to access electronically on GOV.UK. Plates would be linked to the vehicle and trailer record on the MOT History Service (MOTH).

This would allow operators, drivers, maintenance providers and enforcement bodies to view a digital copy of the issued Ministry plate.

If this change is made, there would be no legal requirement to fit a Ministry plate to vehicles. This change would also remove the requirement to purchase and replace plates when they are lost, faded, or defaced.

Ministry plates are documents that show important information such as serial number, year of manufacture, vehicle dimensions and more. The law requires a Ministry plate on HGVs and trailers in a visible and accessible position.

DVSA supports the proposed change, saying, “This change would remove the requirement to purchase and replace plates when they are lost, faded, or defaced.

Presenting the information digitally means that consideration could be given to reducing the cost to the industry brought about by affixing the Ministry plate to vehicles.”

You can find the survey here.
The survey closes on Sunday, 5 May.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace by Kelly Sayers, Keystone Law

Neurodiversity in the Workplace by Kelly Sayers, Keystone Law

21.4.2024 | Law

Neurodiversity in the workplace

The next big challenge for the logistics sector is making neurodiversity a priority for your business. 

“Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.” ~ Jesse Jackson

Gone are the days when neurodiversity was simply a moral debate. It’s now a strategic source of driving innovation in businesses worldwide. Porttalk delves into this shift with Keystone Law’s Partner, Kelly Sayers. Discover why embracing neurodiversity isn’t just ethical; it’s a savvy move for enhancing employee satisfaction, tapping into diverse talent, and staying legally compliant.

Why is neurodiversity in the workplace such a crucial topic?

Neurodiversity refers to differences in brain processing that can affect social interaction, learning, attention, sensory processing, and other aspects of interacting with the world and other people. Neurodivergent identities include Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD,  dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.

These conditions very often co-occur, and many symptoms overlap. It is estimated that around 20% of the UK population has some neurodiverse condition. This means that a significant proportion of people in the workplace are neurodiverse.

There needs to be more awareness and understanding of neurodiversity and what it means to be neurodiverse. There’s also often a stigma around how neurodiverse people present. This means it is rarely considered in designing workplace processes, management practices, environments, or organisation of work. This effect is that employers overlook talent pools, do not enable people to be their most productive at work, and detrimentally impact employee wellbeing. They are also potentially exposing their businesses to significant legal risks.

Why should you embrace this as an employer?

Designing a genuinely inclusive workplace for all can produce tangible benefits for business. While many neurodiverse people face challenges in areas like social interaction and organisation, these obstacles are outweighed by the incredible strengths they bring to the table. When given the space and psychological safety to thrive, neurodivergent people can significantly enrich an organisation’s capacity for innovation and problem-solving and help challenge the status quo.

Teams with neurodivergent professionals in some roles can be 30% more productive than those without. ~ Deloitte research.

How can you create a neuro-inclusive workplace?

There are a whole range of ways, including:

  • Designing effective hiring processes, which include neuro-inclusive interview training and alternative assessment methods
  • Consider making changes to physical space/office design/flexibility about ways of working
  • Create a place of psychological safety where people feel supported and able to speak up or request adjustments. Equip managers to lead in a neuro-inclusive way
  • Develop a neuro-inclusive culture by raising awareness of neurodiversity through training, respect for differences and establishing a basic etiquette
  • Senior leaders taking the lead and championing neurodiversity – it’s vital to lead from the top

Pitfalls of getting it wrong

It’s pretty simple…..your business will suffer. Not only will you fail to attract talent, but the courts will come down on you like a ton of bricks should it be concluded that you have behaved in a discriminatory manner. Employment Tribunal claims for discrimination on the grounds of neurodiversity are increasing.

The Law – many people with neurodivergent conditions will not consider themselves disabled. As neurodivergence exists on a spectrum, evaluating the effect on an individual employee on a case-by-case basis will be just as important as evaluating any other condition. However, employers need to understand that the definition of disabled within the Equality Act 2010 will encompass many neurodivergent people. This may require the employer to make appropriate adjustments.

For example, ASD can cause difficulties with social interaction and adversely affect individuals with the condition in relation to activities involving communication and interpreting the subtleties of non-factual communication. Where those difficulties are such that they have a substantial adverse effect on day-to-day activities, the definition may well be met.

For all the reasons discussed above, making neurodiversity a priority for your business is a no-brainer.

Take the opportunity to enhance your business’s inclusivity and unlock your team’s full potential. Register now for Keystone Law’s upcoming webinar on neurodiversity compliance and take the first step towards creating a more equitable and productive workplace.

When: Wednesday 15th May 2024

Time: 10:00-11:00

Register your interest in attending the webinar free of charge

Exceptional Businesses Confirmed as 2024 Multimodal Award Finalists

Exceptional Businesses Confirmed as 2024 Multimodal Award Finalists

19.4.2024 | Logistics

Exceptional Businesses Confirmed as 2024 Multimodal Award Finalists

Multimodal has announced those nominated as finalists of the modal section of this year’s eagerly anticipated awards. 

The awards recognise outstanding air, road, rail, maritime, and freight achievements. Voting for this year’s finalists has opened earlier than usual to give the industry more time to vote. With votes cast from registered visitors and exhibitors attending Multimodal 2024 (11th—13th June at Birmingham’s NEC), Porttalk congratulates all the nominated finalists.

Event Director Robert Jervis says: “Awards fever is in full swing. We’re thrilled to announce that our Awards event is reaching its pinnacle, with just 75 seats remaining. It’s a testament to the incredible support from our community that we’re nearing a sell-out, and if the current trend continues, we anticipate being fully booked by the end of the month.

“Moreover, registrations are soaring, up by over 30%. It’s fantastic to see such enthusiastic participation from our industry peers. Our exhibition space is also in high demand, with only 20 stands left. This level of interest speaks volumes about the value and significance of our show.

“As Event Director, I’m excited to share that the voting process is live, allowing everyone to have their say in determining the winners. Remember, the deadline for casting your vote is Friday, May 24th.

“At the heart of the Multimodal Awards is inclusivity and recognition of excellence across all business sizes. Thanks to opening the process earlier, we’ve witnessed unprecedented nominations. Our commitment to fairness remains steadfast, employing an independent nomination and voting system to ensure every nominee can take pride in their recognition.

“Entries for the seven judged awards, which require a written nomination (and are judged by an independent panel of industry experts), remain open until Wednesday, May 1st, and the list of these finalists will be announced around May 6th, ahead of judging by the independent panel.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this year’s Awards a resounding success. Let’s continue to celebrate the outstanding achievements within our industry together.”

Full details of categories and how to enter the judged awards can be found here.

To vote for one of the six finalists, click here. Voting closes on May 24th.

The organisers will select two further award winners—the Multimodal Exhibitor of the Year and the Multimodal Personality of the Year—and reveal them at the awards evening.

As per Multimodal tradition, all winners will be announced at the glittering ceremony on June 11th. Football legend and event favourite Kevin Keegan will host this year’s awards evening. With the event almost sold out, click here to book your place at the industry’s favourite evening.

Your Multimodal 2024 Finalists

Air Freight Company of the Year sponsored by ASM:
CEVA Logistics
Chapman Freeborn Air chartering
Davies Turner
DHL Global Forwarding
Kuehne + Nagel
Maersk Air Freight
Speedy Freight

Road Freight Company of the Year sponsored by Dennison:
ATL Haulage
CEVA Logistics
Davies Turner
Efret Ltd
Ewals Cargo Care
Howard Tenens
Kuehne + Nagel
LKW Walter
Maritime Transport
Speedy Freight
Maritime Transport
Pentalver Transport
R Swain & Sons
Speedy Freight

Rail Freight Company of the Year, sponsored by Howard Tenens Logistics:
Davies Turner
DB Cargo
GB Railfreight
Maritime Transport
The Russell Group

Sea Freight Company of the Year sponsored by Freightliner:
Ellerman City Liners
ONE – Ocean Network Express
Stena Line
WEC Lines

Port Company of the Year sponsored by Malcolm Logistics:
Associated British Ports
DP World
Forth Ports
PD Ports
Peel Ports
Port Atlantique de La Rochelle Port
Port of Dover
Port of Felixstowe
Portico Shipping
Solent Stevedores
The Bristol Port Company

3PL of the Year sponsored by HMM:
Advanced Supply Chain
CEVA Logistics
Davies Turner
Delamode International Logistics
Howard Tenens
Kerry Logistics
Kuehne + Nagel


Logistics Industry Supports Realise Futures

Logistics Industry Supports Realise Futures

19.4.2024 | Social Enterprise

Logistics Industry Supports Realise Futures

With company values of trust, positivity and respect, the 25-strong fulfilment team is happy to take on jobs of varying complexity and size. 

Believing the services offered by its social enterprise neighbour could help its business, Action International (Mcr) Ltd has nothing but praise for Realise Futures’ fulfilment capabilities.

Andy Howarth of Action International explains, having first worked with the organisation five years ago: “A lot of our clients sell online, so offering fulfilment services as a link in the supply chain means there was a natural synergy between what we offer our customers and the services that Realise Futures (RF) can provide.

“Having visited the organisation and met Lee Caraccio, RF’s Works manager, I instantly felt confident that their team could do the job in hand and work to the ISO9001 standards we required.

“The first job we gave to the RF team involved 18 pallets of clothing. We delivered them to RF’s Lovetofts Drive fulfilment warehouse on pallets ourselves. The team unloaded all the pallets and quality-checked, sorted the items into sizes, relabelled, and repackaged them back onto pallets for our guys to come and collect a week later.

“With the whole operation going exactly to plan, we have used the Realise Futures’ services on several occasions now to complete similar jobs, and we have always been delighted with the quality of the service provided.”

With company values of trust, positivity and respect, the 25-strong fulfilment team is happy to take on jobs of varying complexity and size.

Lee Caraccio continues: “Teamwork and meeting the needs of our clients form the bedrock of all that we do here, whether working with logistics clients such as Action International or repackaging cosmetics for high-street retailers.

“As one of the largest social enterprises in the East of England, with almost 230 employees, 40% of which have a declared disability, our success is measured by the positive impact on the lives of those we support, as much as our ability to meet the needs of our customers and the profit we generate.”

Action International’s Andy Howarth adds, “The set-up at Realise Futures is hugely impressive. I urge any logistics company in the region needing items picked, packed, or repackaged to contact Lee or the RF Team and arrange a visit to see the operation’s professionalism.

“It is a perfect way of doing business to know that you are fulfilling your client’s needs while supporting others.”

If you would like to find out how Realise Futures can support your company’s fulfilment needs, please call 01473 242500 or visit www.realisefutures.org

Image credit: Simply C Photography