Join Felixstowe Port Users’ Association and get your voice heard

Join Felixstowe Port Users’ Association and get your voice heard

22.3.2022 | Ports

Join Felixstowe Port Users’ Association

FPUA confirms its membership fees frozen for 2022 

The Felixstowe Port Users’ Association (FPUA) has confirmed that there will be no increase to its annual fees to help support its affiliated members and attract new associates.

The FPUA is an inclusive membership organisation representing companies of all sizes and ownership who conduct business in or through the Port of Felixstowe. It acts in the interest of the Port community with all organisations, including affairs with the Port of Felixstowe management.

FPUA Chair Jason Flower says: “In this high-risk and ever-changing sector which has been particularly affected by Brexit, you might be asking yourself – why aren’t we members of the FPUA? We host regular meetings with numerous regulatory bodies and more; membership enables you to benefit first-hand from our two-way open dialogue. It also provides a platform for you to voice your concerns, challenges, and feedback, which forms part of our agenda.”

Established in 1969 and with a current membership of over 110 companies, the FPUA helps its members shape, understand, and meet their regulatory requirements whilst representing the port community as one collective voice.

Visit the FPUA website to find out more about becoming a member.

FPUA The Association is run by a Council, consisting of a Chair, Vice-Chair and five Category Representatives. The five categories representing the different port industry sectors are shipping lines, freight forwarders, hauliers, warehouse keepers and port-related services. The annual membership fee is £130.

Image: Courtesy of the Port of Felixstowe.

Port of Felixstowe achieves new volume benchmark

Port of Felixstowe achieves new volume benchmark

22.3.2022 | Ports

Port of Felixstowe achieves new volume benchmark

Port breaks its own record for the most containers handled on a single ship for the third time in two months.

The latest benchmark was set when a total of 27,961 TEU (standard containers) were handled on the MSC AMELIA which sailed from the port on 8 March 2022.

Prior to that 25,852 TEU had been handled on the Moscow Maersk the previous week and 23,773 TEU were handled on the MSC DILETTA on 12 January 2022. All three vessels are operated on the 2M Alliance Griffin/AE55 Far East Asia to North Europe service.

Commenting on the latest record, Robert Ashton, Chief Operating Officer at the Port of Felixstowe, said:

“The increasing size of container ships places great demand on port resources, and we are pleased with the way we have responded to this challenge. We are continuing to invest in the people, infrastructure, systems and equipment needed to service the growing number of ultra-large container ships on the world’s major trades as well as the increasing volume of containers on each ship.

“The logistics of such an operation are immense and we will continue to work closely with the 2M partners, Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) to help achieve their objectives to supply the current high demand for Far East imports to UK consumers.”

Work is underway to further increase the port’s ability to handle the world’s largest container ships. Harwich Haven Authority is dredging the main approach channel to increase the depth from 14.5 metres to 16.0 metres. Work commenced last year and is due to be completed in 2023. The port is also increasing the depth at its deep-water berths. Berth 7 was deepened to 16.5 metres and Berth 6 will also be dredged to 16.5 metres in 2022 at the same time as Berths 8&9 are increased to 18.0 metres.

5G Goes Live at the Port of Felixstowe

5G Goes Live at the Port of Felixstowe

8.3.2022 | Ports

5G Goes Live at the Port of Felixstowe

5G and its unique low latency and high throughput capabilities make it the optimum technology to power remote control and support the port’s long term growth objectives reliability.

Hutchison Ports Port of Felixstowe has reached a significant milestone by becoming the largest UK port to deploy 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Port of Felixstowe along with consortium members, Three UK, Blue Mesh Solutions and the University of Cambridge was successful in an application for grant funding under the 5G Testbeds and Trials programme run by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The project aims to prove 5G’s capabilities in a busy port environment.

The project seeks to deliver on two use cases: predictive maintenance of quay cranes using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and providing communications for remote control yard cranes.

Digital Infrastructure Minister Julia Lopez said:

“It’s incredible to see our £200 million investment in innovative 5G tech is empowering Britain’s biggest and busiest container port to explore new ways of driving efficiency, improving safety and supporting the UK’s post-Brexit status as a global trading nation.

“5G has huge potential to revolutionise a wide range of UK industries and 5G Ports is just one testbed the government is funding to help achieve this.”

Karen Poulter, Head of Information Services, Port of Felixstowe, and 5G Project Lead, commented:

“As part of the 5G project, six quay cranes are being fitted with IoT Sensors to understand the stresses and strains placed on them by day-to-day operation. Using 5G to transmit the data enables these systems to operate in real-time which could enable ‘in the moment’ safety-critical applications.

“Using the data generated by the IoT sensors and linking it to the actual activity on the crane together with previous maintenance records, Cambridge University is developing an algorithm to predict equipment failure and suggest the optimum time to maintain the equipment.”

The availability of equipment is integral to port operations. Routine maintenance is an absolute necessity but can restrict equipment availability. The algorithm will maximise the amount of time cranes are in use and will reduce the cost associated with emergency repairs and day-to-day maintenance.

The 5G network can handle the huge volume of data collected which will be used to train the algorithm at levels that wouldn’t be sustainable over 4G.

Prof Ajith Parlikad, Professor of Asset Management at the University of Cambridge, commented:

“We will harness the speed, low-latency and high-capacity of 5G to send the high volumes of data generated by the IoT sensors for an Artificial Intelligence-based predictive maintenance system. This system will be able to detect anomalies in the cranes and alert the operators so that preventive maintenance can be targeted at these areas before the failure actually happens.”

Steve Wylie, Head of Corporate Sales, Three UK, added:

“The Port of Felixstowe already operates remote control quay cranes and yard cranes. Traditional methods of communicating to CCTV needed for remote control have limitations on bandwidth and flexibility for extension across the port. 5G and its unique low latency and high throughput capabilities make it the optimum technology to power remote control and support the port’s long term growth objectives.”

Richard Brooks, Managing Director, Blue Mesh Solutions said:

“5G allows IoT systems to operate in a denser and more data-rich environment. Combining modern sensors with IoT technology to manage data backhaul allows data to be used in new ways, such as combining the sensors with Artificial Intelligence algorithms to search for inferences in data that are hidden from standard analysis methods. Building these ‘Digital Twins’ is the future of computer and engineering science and 5G is an enabling technology. Personally, it’s exciting for our small company to be working on such a thought-leading and technically challenging project with world leaders in global port management, telecommunications and engineering research.”

The project is due to complete in September 2022. Significant work has already been undertaken at the Three labs to test the 5G network against these use cases. Increasing traffic will now utilise the network and prove its capabilities to simultaneously manage the two use-cases and to support the business-critical activities of the port.

Timber Terminal at Port of King’s Lynn hits growth targets

Timber Terminal at Port of King’s Lynn hits growth targets

22.2.2022 | Ports

Timber Terminal at Port of King’s Lynn hits growth targets

Customers flock to purpose-built facility. 

Two months after Associated British Ports (ABP) officially opened its £1.4m Vancouver Timber Terminal at the Port of Kings Lynn, the purpose-built storage facility is hitting growth targets. Last year saw a record number of vessels arrive at the Norfolk port and the volume of cargo handled was also up by 5% on 2020 volumes.

Whilst King’s Lynn is known for handling agribulks and aggregates, forest products at the port have risen since 2020. The increased trade supports local jobs: ABP already directly employs 30 people from the market town and supports local businesses, restaurants, and shops.

King’s Lynn Port Manager Kim Kennedy said: “We knew customers would flock to the facility, and they have. It is great to see that ABP’s investments draw in more business that benefits the town and wider region.”

The Port of King’s Lynn is one of ABP’s three East Anglian Ports. Collectively, the Ports of King’s Lynn, Lowestoft and Ipswich and their customers support 3,700 jobs.

Port of Kings Lynn

Freeport East is recruiting for the roles of Chief Executive Officer and Chair

Freeport East is recruiting for the roles of Chief Executive Officer and Chair

6.2.2022 | Ports

Recruitment underway for Freeport East CEO & Chair

The Chief Executive Officer is a full-time position and will be responsible for leading the development and delivery of the Freeport East strategy.

As Chair, you will provide leadership to Freeport East and its Supervisory Board, 1 day per week.

Freeport East – Felixstowe | Harwich | Gateway 14

Interested? To apply, click on:

APPLICATION PACK: Chief Executive Officer 

Freeport East is one of eight new Freeports in England announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on 3 March 2021. It will be a hub for global trade and national regeneration and create a hotbed for innovation that will have impact across the UK.

With its unique global links and existing innovative sectoral clusters, Freeport East will attract inward international investment and drive domestic growth, propelling the country’s economy forward.

Covering Britain’s busiest container port, two major ferry ports, and close to the East Coast green energy cluster, Freeport East offers a unique combination of advantages to benefit traders, manufacturers, and clean energy suppliers. It will create 13,500 new jobs and generate a Gross Value Added (GVA) of £5.5 billion over ten years.

Image credit/source: FREEPORT EAST

Phase 3 expansion at Pentalver’s London Gateway Terminal completed

Phase 3 expansion at Pentalver’s London Gateway Terminal completed

25.1.2022 | Ports

Phase 3 expansion at Pentalver's London Gateway Terminal completed

Plan completed to schedule, growing from nine to 14 acres, increasing overall site capacity from 4,000 TEU to 7,400 TEU.

Pentalver Transport Limited, a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W), is delighted to announce the completion of the Phase 3 expansion of its container terminal at Berth 7, DP World London Gateway, the UK’s largest automated and fastest-growing deep-sea container port.

Despite ongoing challenges from the pandemic, the extensive Phase 3 expansion work was completed to schedule and sees the operation grow from nine to 14 acres, increasing overall site capacity from 4,000 TEU to 7,400 TEU and providing vital additional storage for customers.

As well as increasing both maintenance and repair and reefer operations, the terminal now operates 24-hours per day, offering access to return and collect both empty and laden containers to feed the vital haulier links that keep the nation flowing.

“With changing customer demand and Covid-impacted inventory, the UK logistics industry has seen huge pressure on container terminal infrastructure over the course of 2021,” said Chris Lawrenson, G&W Managing Director of UK Terminal Services. “Our new 24-hour, expanded facility allows us to add over 40% capacity to one of the UK’s critical mainline Port operations and enhance our crucial support to the UK logistics industry.”

Ernst Schulze, UK Chief Executive of DP World said: “I am delighted that Pentalver has completed their Phase 3 expansion at Berth 7. At London Gateway, we have the space, infrastructure and vision to support customers as they grow. Our partnership approach, logistics expertise, digital solutions and intermodal connectivity, particularly rail, help us to solve logistical challenges and give our customers more control over their supply chains.”