6.2.2022 | Ports

Recruitment underway for Freeport East CEO & Chair

The Chief Executive Officer is a full-time position and will be responsible for leading the development and delivery of the Freeport East strategy.

As Chair, you will provide leadership to Freeport East and its Supervisory Board, 1 day per week.

Freeport East – Felixstowe | Harwich | Gateway 14

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APPLICATION PACK: Chief Executive Officer 

Freeport East is one of eight new Freeports in England announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on 3 March 2021. It will be a hub for global trade and national regeneration and create a hotbed for innovation that will have impact across the UK.

With its unique global links and existing innovative sectoral clusters, Freeport East will attract inward international investment and drive domestic growth, propelling the country’s economy forward.

Covering Britain’s busiest container port, two major ferry ports, and close to the East Coast green energy cluster, Freeport East offers a unique combination of advantages to benefit traders, manufacturers, and clean energy suppliers. It will create 13,500 new jobs and generate a Gross Value Added (GVA) of £5.5 billion over ten years.


Image credit/source: FREEPORT EAST