9.8.2022 | Haulage

A Special Day at Bartrums

Milestone event as new facility opened by MP Dr Dan Poulter and second generation Bartrum brothers, Roy, Roger & Philip.

Friday, 5 August, was a very special day in the ninety-four-year history of the Eye-based Bartrum Group.

Tremayne Johnson, director at Bartrums Haulage & Storage, takes up the story: “A genuine milestone event (new warehouse, new offices) and perhaps unusually for us, the decision to celebrate!  With local MP Dr Daniel Poulter, guest of honour at our new facility opening, he was joined and assisted by second-generation Bartrum brothers, Roy, Roger and Philip (the three sons of Leonard Bartrum, who started the business in 1929).  With the ribbon cut, Dr Poulter very ably declared our new warehouse open and operational.

“Leonard Bartrum started his business in Diss back in 1929, and not very long after Eye was turned into an active US Airbase. His sons (Roy, Roger, and Philip) went on to grow the business significantly and move it to Eye as the airbase was decommissioned. Almost a century on, Leonard’s grandchildren are now choosing to invest and grow the business further, with current owners Robert, Stephen and Shaun placing their confidence, faith, trust and capital into the business they now run and own.

“Yes, we have a nice new warehouse. Yes, we’ve some shiny new offices. And yes, we’ve some lovely new trucks and trailers (some of which were on static display at the opening, thanks to Motus Truck & Van – Mercedes Benz). However, in all of this, the vital ingredient is the Bartrum team, whether that’s in the office, in the warehouse or with our drivers out on the road. These are the folk who make the magic happen, and these are the folk who ensure our customers get what they want and need from us. They’re undoubtedly the true stars of this organisation.

“In preparing for the big opening, I also took some time to properly recognise the incredible effort of all those who built and fitted out our new facility. The week running up to the opening wasn’t the easiest, and in reality, we probably needed another week or two to get things 100% spot on. However, the contractors and ‘trades’ stepped up in a way that was quite amazing to get the place looking how it needed to look. A very big thank you to all those individuals who stopped on and stayed late to see this opening become the success it was. Speaking for the whole of the Bartrums’ team, our thanks go to Green Brick (Diss), who led the fit-out, Hudsons Electrical,  John Doe (Diss), Hudson Group (external and internal signage), Wagstaff Interiors Group, Macmarney (Ipswich) and Moulton Windows. A lot was asked, and more was delivered.

“It was also great to see many of our customers onsite, and it must be mentioned that investment on this scale simply would not be feasible or possible without our loyal customers.  Our thanks also go to the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce for their attendance and support on the day.”