19.4.2024 | Recruitment

Attributes that make the ideal operational temporary worker

Andy Leeson from A&S Recruitment shares his insights.

Proud to hold contracts with both the Port of Felixstowe and PD Ports for the supply of temporary employees, Andy Leeson is A&S Recruitment’s expert in matching candidates to the host of temporary positions held on its books.

A senior consultant at Felixstowe-based A&S Recruitment for the last 3 years, Andy explains more about working as a temporary employee: “The role of a temporary worker does not suit all.  That said, many of our candidates thrive on taking on short-term positions within the port environments we support.”

Always searching for a range of experienced candidates to fill positions such as reefer operatives, tractor drivers, forklift drivers, examination warehouse operatives and more, Andy looks for specific characteristics in all those candidates he puts forward.

“Those who opt for temporary positions often possess specific vital attributes that make them well-suited for this work.

“The ability to be flexible is critical. Temporary workers must adapt quickly to changing environments, tasks, and the culture of the organisation in which they find themselves working. While the job title may be the same, companies work in very different ways, so temporary staff must quickly learn new skills and processes to hit the ground running.

“Those candidates that demonstrate resourcefulness are always in high demand. Companies are looking for workers who can find creative solutions to what is expected of them and showcase their self-reliance and ability to work autonomously. Ports are bustling 24/7, and our clients don’t have the time to hand-hold temporary workers.”

The first day in a new job is always daunting, but temporary workers experience this time and time again. “Embracing a temporary working lifestyle means that you’re always the ‘newbie’ and are greeted with an expectation that you can dive straight into the job at hand. Seamless integration into an already fit-for-purpose team requires second-to-none communication skills, networking competence and time management skills.  Turning up late never makes a good impression.

A&S Recruitment, which has held the contract to supply temporary staff to the Port of Felixstowe for the last ten years and is delighted it has been renewed for a further three, signed an agreement to provide temporary to permanent workers with PD Ports in August last year.

“Whilst hugely proud of our reputation for providing candidates to the region’s shipping and logistics sector, our standing in the industry directly equates to the calibre of temporary and permanent candidates we put forward to clients. This means that, regardless of the duration of their employment, temporary workers must demonstrate professionalism at all times – whether in their work ethic, interactions with colleagues or adherence to company policies and standards.”

If you would like to learn more about temporary positions available through A&S Recruitment, Andy Leeson can be contacted at andrew@aandsrecruitment.com

Image credit: Mike Bowden