21.9.2022 | Customs

CDS Migration – continued access to CHIEF

HMRC confirms there will be an online application form to request permission to continue using CHIEF Imports for a short time while you register for CDS.


What happens on the 30th of September 2022?
Those who have made the switch to CDS Imports will continue to Import into the UK using the new customs declaration service.

If you are not set up to use CDS for Imports, you will have to use the online application form to request permission for an extension to continue to use CHIEF Imports.

You need to apply using an online form; further details are available on Gov.UK.

PLEASE NOTE: You will only be compliant to use CHIEF for Imports beyond the 30th of September if you have permission granted by HMRC.

This extension application is open to traders who have genuine reasons for not having completed the migration to CDS in time i.e.: training for CDS booked in October, Software provider not ready etc….

For those traders who are not committed to the migration and no evidence can be produced to prove they have begun the migration process, permission to use CHIEF in the interim will not be granted, and they will ultimately lose their CHIEF Badge.

The online application is open to current CHIEF Badge holders only.

If you are a new import business, you should be registered or in the process of registering for CDS.

Any applications made with an extension date beyond the 31st of October will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by HMRC, and additional information will be required.

Message from HMRC – Not going to move in time for 1 October 2022?

If you are unable to use CDS for your import declarations or use a customs agent, we are allowing CHIEF badge holders to seek permission for a short extension to use CHIEF beyond 30 September, based on a clear business reason.

 Those that successfully apply for an extension will be provided with help and support to move to the Customs Declaration Service as soon as possible.

If you continue to use CHIEF from 1 October 2022 without permission, HMRC reserves the right to remove your access.