8.2.2023 | Recruitment

CV Top Tips for 2023 Job Hunters

An expert in ensuring candidates’ CVs get noticed by prospective employers, A&S Recruitment’s managing director, Amanda Harrold, shares her top tips. 

She says: “We’ve been a recruitment agency in Felixstowe for over 25 years and know what employers expect to see from a candidate’s CV.

“Follow my pointers below and remember that as recruitment advisers, we’re always happy to assist with CV wording to ensure your skills and attributes get the attention they deserve from potential employers.”

CV Length

Unless you’re applying for a very senior level, such as managing director or senior director in a company, make sure your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is no more than two pages long. The point of a CV is to provide a recruiter or company with a good snapshot of your career to date, not to put them to sleep. 


  • Personal details: Include your name, email, contact phone number and address. You don’t have to include your date of birth.
  • Career summary: After your personal details, include one or two short paragraphs that summarising your experience and some of your core skills. This part should also briefly describe the role you are looking for and your suitability.
  • Career history: Include details of all your relevant jobs and experience, starting with your current or most recent position. Include the job title, the organisation’s name, time in post, and your key responsibilities. It’s always good to share a couple of highlights or successes from each role, as this enables prospective employers to gain insight into why they should interview you.
  • Education, Training and Languages: Educational experience, achievements, and any vocational training should be listed here. Make sure you include dates, the type of qualification and the grade you achieved. This is also a good section for additional skills such as spoken languages and IT skills.
  • Hobbies and interests: The more different hobbies you can share, the better, as they make a good talking point in interviews! Going out for drinks or eating out can’t be counted as hobbies, and remember, employers always like to know about those with a team spirit.

Tailor Your CV

If you are applying for a particular role, make sure you tailor it as much as possible to showcase your suitability for the job. A potential employer will want to see you have worked hard to grab their attention. In this situation, one size most definitely doesn’t fit all.


Before you send your CV out, make sure you re-read it and ensure everything is clear. Take time to do something else and then revisit with a fresh pair of eyes – you may also want to send this to a friend or professional contact for a second opinion and a read.

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