18.10.2022 | Technology

Cyber security specialist hosts open day

Corbel offers the latest security advice, aids your Technology Roadmap, and supports your IT strategy. 

Have you started planning your Cyber Security Strategy for 2023? Cyber security awareness and improvement are critical for every business in the transport and logistics sector.

Ipswich-based IT support and cyber security expert Corbel is dedicated to providing resources, tools and more to ensure that every Suffolk business in the industry is secure and protected in the best way possible.

Finding the time to know where to start thinking about your cyber security strategy for next year can be incredibly daunting. To this end, Corbel is opening its doors to demonstrate its award-winning ways of how technology can revolutionise your business.

“We all now live in a digital economy, but a lesser known fact is that over half the traffic on the internet is of a criminal nature”, states Karen Rogers, Managing Director of Corbel. “It is easy for many local businesses to brush that aside, believing that a cyber breach would not impact them. However, we know 61% of small and medium businesses are now being hit by cyber-attacks every year. We are working with a Suffolk firm in the transport and logistics sector that came to us after being compromised. Our role now ensures that they have every measure in place to protect and secure themselves. The best defence is a good offence, and we cannot recommend enough that you have a Cyber Strategy in place for your business.”

Join Corbel on Tuesday, 8th November, for an informal chat with its trusted and experienced team. The open day features an ask-the-expert section, key presentations on cyber security, and explains how you can use its cyber security portal, as well as technology demos, helpful tips and resources to save you and your business time.

The Corbel Open Morning is on Tuesday, 8th November, from 9.30am- 12.00pm.

Corbel HQ, 9 Wentworth Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9SY.

Spaces are limited, so please register today.