12.7.2023 | Haulage

Empowering Women - Meet the next generation of ATL’s management team

Haulage specialist cultivates colleagues who demonstrate expertise, motivation and ambition. 

With women making up only 20% of those currently involved in the UK’s transport sector, ATL Haulage Contractors is bucking the industry norm of male dominance across those key management positions.

ATL Haulage Contractors director Amit Karia explains: “Leading the way, compared to many of our industry peers, in seeing the potential and talent in our female colleagues, we’re delighted and very proud to say that currently most of our heads of department are women.

“A situation that differs significantly from most other transport-based companies, every one of our seven senior female colleagues have been promoted as a direct reward of their hard work and commitment, and the fact they are the best fit for the role. And the company is in no doubt at all – they will be the ones driving the company forward in the future.

With the company’s current directors committed to being active role models that nurture and encourage the success of all employees, this London Gateway and Southampton-based haulage company hope to inspire other women in the industry that promotion and management positions are very much available.

Here, Porttalk shares details of ATL’s wonder women:

Leigh Simons – Office Manager. Leigh has been with the company for an impressive 12.5 years, having joined ATL back in 2011 in the role of admin/bookings assistant; her customer service is second to none.

Amy Fallon –  ATL’s Bookings Team Leader. Another apprentice success story, Amy joined the company in 2016 as an admin apprentice and immediately made an impact.

Adriana Lazar – Recruited as an administrator in 2015. Adriana is now ATL’s HR Manager and recently completed her CIPD level 5. She is a role model to those who want to achieve ‘on-the-job’ qualifications.

Zena Haydon – Accounts Manager.  A former ‘apprentice of the year’ at ATL, Zena joined the company as a business administration apprentice in 2013.  In recognition of her achievements, one of ATL’s latest truck acquisitions has been named Zena Warrior Princess in her honour.

Molly Lee – Molly joined ATL back in 2015 in the booking admin department. Working her way up, her attention to detail has seen her rise position of Administration Team Leader.

Shannon Smith – Transport Manager. With almost five years of service, Shannon joined ATL as a fleet administrator. Earlier this year, she achieved her Transport Manager’s Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) qualification and was swiftly promoted to Transport Manager.

Toni Hutchison – Toni joined the ATL team in 2019 as a procurement administrator. Today she is the company’s Supplier Manager, performing all procurement activities, including identifying service needs and organising and negotiating supplier agreements.

Amit Karia adds: “Running a thriving company is all about cultivating those colleagues who demonstrate the expertise, motivation and ambition to see the bigger picture. These seven women have these qualities in spades. Not only playing key roles in the success of our business today, but they’re also looking at the bigger picture and ensuring that our systems and business are fit to meet all those challenges the future will inevitably throw our way.”

Image, L-R: Zena, Amy, Leigh, Molly, Shannon, Adriana & Toni.