14.12.2022 | Logistics

FPUA Charity Secures Funds for Sadie Ray

Felixstowe fighter continues clinical trial at Harley Street institute. 

The Felixstowe Port Users’ Association’s (FPUA) Charity Ball, hosted on 2nd December, not only delivered a great night out for its guests but raised the vital £5,000 needed to continue Sadie Ray’s place on a cancer phase 1 (never before tested on humans) clinical trial with the Sarah Cannon Institute Research (SCRI) team in Harley Street.

FPUA chairman, Jason Flower, says: “The generosity of our members this year has far exceeded our hopes. We’ve provided £5,000 for Sadie to continue this pioneering and hopefully life-saving trial, which is the best Christmas gift we could give.”

Sadie is now embarking on her new course of treatment and was keen to thank all FPUA members and the logistics community for their generosity, kindness and support.

With this year’s Charity Ball and Golf Day raising a hugely impressive £13,500, Jason Flower adds: “Despite the geopolitical and economic challenges that businesses keep coming up against, the logistics community has once again demonstrated that we are an industry with a big heart. And with Christmas looming, all our thoughts and prayers are with Sadie and her family.”