8.3.2023 | Logistics

Freightcover Delivers for Felixstowe-based Quality Freight Services

Headed up by local businessmen Jason Phillips and Shaun Greening, Porttalk caught up with Shaun to learn more. 

Taking control of insuring the goods you are arranging transportation is always good practice. For a freight forwarder, this means facilitating a simple and effective route for your customer to insure the goods against loss or damage throughout the journey. It also means providing certainty to the customer that the goods are comprehensively insured whilst alleviating customers’ frustrations with the bureaucratic process.

Known across the industry as an insurance provider that delivers a hassle-free route to peace of mind, the benefits of Freightcover’s service include:

  • Instant password-protected online access with premiums quoted immediately.
  • No upfront costs or deposits and no long-term commitments
  • A simple pay-as-you-go system
  • Flexibility for freight forwarders to earn revenue from the sale

Additional benefits for Freightcover’s freight forwarder customers include:

  • Full protection as the Freightcover insured party does not need to pursue recovery from its own freight liability policy.
  • A commission is paid to those using the service, which creates an additional income stream by default.
  • Monthly invoicing

With the start of 2023 seeing Quality Freight Services launching its new branch in Felixstowe, the company decided to use Freightcover to insure its Felixstowe clients’ cargo.

Headed up by local businessmen Jason Phillips and Shaun Greening, Porttalk catches up with Shaun to learn more about the decision to use Freightcover.

When did Quality Freight Felixstowe sign up for Freightcover?

“We signed up with them at the start of this year. I’d used Freightcover in a previous role and was always very impressed with their service.”

Is it a 12-month policy?

“No. We’ve opted for their online policy per shipment service rather than an annual blanket policy. What appealed to us is the flexibility this offers and the fact that once a shipment is booked, the terms are applicable for twelve months, ensuring the cover is still in place even if a shipment is delayed.

How far-reaching is the cargo cover you provide your customers?

“Our cargo is covered worldwide, for exports, imports, and cross-trade cover provided the principal is a UK entity. And there are, of course, certain countries that are excluded due to sanctions or local legislation.”

Jason adds: “We’ve been hugely impressed with the service received to date, and the fact that every time we purchase a policy, we’re adding to Quality Freight’s funds is an added bonus. With the last few years showing we can take nothing for granted, the flexibility of purchasing insurance on a shipment-by-shipment basis keeps an eye on our expenditure without diminishing the level of service we can offer.”

Image: Shaun Greening