4.10.2023 | Rail


Including two new key routes which push the boundaries for rail freight. 

Freightliner, a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W), has announced the launch of 25 additional rail services, which includes two new key routes covering Felixstowe to Daventry and Southampton to Cardiff.

Starting 2nd October, Freightliner will introduce a new route from Felixstowe to Daventry, which traditionally is a competitive short-haul route for freight logistics.  This first rail freight service connecting the port of Felixstowe with Daventry pushes the boundaries of rail freight, offering significant carbon savings to the traditional road haulage solution.

We are constantly looking at new innovative ways to offer our customers more carbon-efficient services,” says Mr. Chris Lawrenson, Freightliner’s managing director, intermodal logistics. “For every intermodal train introduced, up to 52 HGVs are removed from our congested roads and up to 76% carbon emissions are saved. This new service to rail freight will not only support the modal shift but help to reduce the congestion we all experience along the main A14 road link between Felixstowe and Daventry.”

A new route from Southampton to Cardiff will also be introduced on 2nd October, enabling customers to take advantage of DP World’s new modal shift programme.

Other services launching on 2nd October include; Grangemouth to Daventry, Southampton to Leeds, Felixstowe to Manchester, Manchester to Birmingham, Birmingham to London Gateway and Birmingham to Felixstowe.

“We have added these new services with both service delivery and efficiency in mind,” says Freightliner’s CEO, Mr Tim Shoveller. “We are committed to pushing the boundaries of rail freight by offering simplified and streamlined solutions for our customers which support that all-important modal shift to rail.”