16.1.2022 | Haulage

Fuel Thefts Along A14 Corridor

RHA warns all HGV drivers to be vigilant of this situation and report any suspicious activity.

With the RHA learning of a significant increase in fuel thefts along the A14 corridor in recent weeks, the haulage organisation has been in touch with Porttalk to ask readers who have been victims of such behaviour to get in touch.

An RHA spokesperson said: “We are keen to contact hauliers based in Suffolk or who travel through Suffolk and whose drivers park up overnight in laybys.

“In the last two weeks, there has been a large increase in fuel thefts from parked HGVs along the A14 corridor, with 21 reports to police and possibly other incidents that have gone unreported.

“Can we ask that all drivers are vigilant to this situation and report any thefts either online or via 101 or dial 999 if a driver observes a fuel theft occurring?”

Porttalk caught up with two local companies regarding the situation. Steve Jones, general manager at Goldstar Transport, says: “It’s good to see the current issues highlighted by the authorities. Fuel and cargo theft is a huge burden on an already stretched industry and deserves more focus.”

Adam Searle, managing director at Nacton-based CP Transport, has previously had drivers on the receiving end of thefts and attacks. Adam adds: “Due to fuel, load, and driver security issues, we have a zero-layby policy apart from 45-minute rest breaks whilst drivers are awake and with the vehicle.

“I would love to see a centralised nationwide App that drivers can pre-book allocated slots. Whilst I’m not sure how this would work in practice, the outcome should be that those with good facilities see an increase in business and those who operate below par services up their game to become fit for purpose.”