7.9.2021 | Logistics

GB Changes to UK

The national identifier for UK motorists, including HGVs, travelling abroad changes this month.

This change applies to all vehicles, including HGVs, vans and coaches, and comes into effect from 28 September 2021.

On or after 28 September 2021:

You will need to display a UK sticker clearly on the rear of your vehicle if your number plate has any of the following:

• a GB identifier with the Union flag (also known as the Union Jack)
• a Euro symbol
• a national flag of England, Scotland or Wales
• numbers and letters only – no flag or identifier

If your number plate includes the UK identifier with the Union flag (also known as the Union Jack), you do not need a UK sticker.

If you’re in Spain, Cyprus, or Malta, you must display a UK sticker no matter what is on your number plate.

And if you have a GB sticker, you will need to cover or remove it.

The GOV.UK advice pages – linked below – have been updated and contain new advice:




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