26.6.2024 | Logistics

Generation Logistics Week launches to tackle the sector’s skills gap

In its very first year, the initiative will take place from 24 to 28 June 2024 and is designed to raise awareness of the career opportunities available to young people within the sector. 

Generation Logistics, the government-backed awareness campaign tackling the recruitment crisis facing the logistics sector, is launching the very first Generation Logistics Week to engage educators and students and raise awareness of the profession as a career option. The awareness week is part of a series of new initiatives to help bridge the skills gap and future-proof the next generation’s talent pipeline.

Generation Logistics Week, scheduled to run from 24 to 28 June 2024, will host a range of educational activities throughout the five days, each one supported by the campaign’s sponsors, including CEVA Logistics, GXO, and Tesco. Pre-recorded podcasts will be available for educators in class, complemented by video case studies featuring young professionals sharing their career journeys, an ambassador recruitment webinar with STEM Learning, and a sector-facing recruitment webinar.

Bethany Windsor, Programme Director of Generation Logistics, commented: “We are so excited to see Generation Logistics Week come to life for the very first time. With plenty of activities taking place during the week for educators and students alike, including in-person and online events, pre-recorded webinars and video case studies telling their story, we’re confident that it will reach the right people and highlight the breadth of opportunities that are available for young people within the sector.”

To engage young people directly, Generation Logistics Week will feature a virtual careers fair for young people to learn more about the roles available within the sector. Alongside virtual efforts, there will also be three in-person events taking place, with the first backed by Malcolm Logistics in Scotland and the remaining two supported by Maersk in Liverpool and Felixstowe ports.

A comprehensive online Education Hub is also available for teachers and education professionals to use before, during, and after the week. It is packed with information to enable educators to inform their students about the opportunities available in the sector, which is one of the biggest employers in the economy. Educationhub.generationlogistics.org is a free, online downloadable library of curriculum-relevant materials for teachers and career advisors from KS3 to KS5, designed to communicate the role of logistics in the modern world and the breadth of opportunities available to future employees.

Bethany Windsor continues: “By directly targeting teachers and education professionals, Generation Logistics aims to raise awareness of logistics as a career option among young people at a much earlier stage in the consideration process, starting in the classroom.

“Generation Logistics Week and the Education Hub will support teachers and career advisors in bringing the career path of logistics into the classroom, inspiring the next generation of talent, and showcasing the vast opportunities in logistics.”

Since launching in August 2022, the Generation Logistics campaign has improved positive perceptions of working in the sector by 140%¹.

For more information on Generation Logistics Week, please visit the Education Hub:


Image: Programme Director of Generation Logistics, Bethany Windsor.