8.3.2023 | Recruitment

Getting Interview Ready in 2023

Getting invited for an interview is a big deal – top tips to impress and showcase your skills, personality and what sets you apart.

Amanda Harrold of specialist shipping and logistics recruiters A&S Recruitment says: “I’m always amazed how often candidates turn up unprepared for an interview. A successful interview is your one chance to secure the position, so putting in the work beforehand makes sense.

“With an average interview lasting just 30 minutes, every moment counts, and an interviewer will happily cut short the time allocated if they feel the conversation is going nowhere. As soon as you walk in the room, you should be on a mission to impress and showcase your skills, personality and what sets you apart.”

Follow Amanda’s top tips below and see how her advice raises your game – and, fingers crossed, helps you get the job.

Top Tip No.1 – Transferable Skills

It’s almost impossible that your skills are a perfect match for what the company interviewing you requires. So, you must emphasise all the transferable skills you have that will fit the requirements of the role you are applying for. The aim is to make the employer appreciate that you understand what’s required from the job description and that your adaptability and keenness to build on the knowledge you already have will fill any gaps.

Top Tip No. 2 – Honesty and Transparency

This is really important. If you have limited experience in a specific field or position, ensure you’re honest and transparent about this during the interview. This shows that you’re aware of your limitations but that you’re also willing to learn and grow. Going down the rabbit hole of embellishing the truth is never a good idea.

Top Tip No. 3 – Enthusiasm

Prospective employers want to see that you’re pleased to have been granted an interview and have a genuine desire to secure the position. Showing your keenness and willingness to learn can go a long way to compensating for your lack of experience. Employers will always be attracted to those candidates that demonstrate they are keen to learn, adapt and perform.

Top Tip No. 4 – Present the Best Version of Yourself

Being honest with yourself and the interviewer is vital. We all have to start our careers somewhere, and having less experience than other candidates doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not qualified for the role. Let the interviewer see your real personality and your zeal to succeed.

It’s also essential that you dress to impress. Turn up tidy and presentable, and be sure to pay attention to those small details that can make all the difference – clean shoes, ironed clothes and neat hair.

Top Tip No. 5- Highlight your achievements

Leaving any ego at the door is always a good idea when going for an interview, but you also have to be ready to highlight your achievements. Be proud of what you’ve achieved in your working life (even if you’re only just starting out), and come to an interview knowing that you can recount an achievement for each role you’ve had. Bring examples and case studies of what you’ve achieved, and how you have applied your skills to similar situations always impresses.

Top Tip No. 6 – Do your Homework

Candidates that stand out for prospective employers are those that have invested time to learn more about the company they’re hoping to join. The ability to show that you understand a company’s culture or can talk about recent contract wins or new products or services goes a long way in boosting your chances of getting a second interview or even the job.

Top Tip No. 7 – Practice Practice Practice

Possibly the most important advice I can offer. Before any interview, practice answering common interview questions with answers that aren’t just one-sentence replies but that flow and showcase your capabilities.

Don’t neglect this top tip even if you’ve been for tens of interviews before. Recording yourself is always a good idea, as is getting a family member or friend to do mock interviews.

Amanda adds: “Hopefully, my interview hacks will strike a chord with those currently job hunting, but please remember our door is always open for those looking for a new role and needing support to achieve their goals.”