22.3.2023| Forwarding

Go Global with Jordon

Innovative Forwarders announce the launch of a new sea freight service as refreshed branding goes public.

Delighted to launch its revitalised branding, Jordon’s new look epitomises its commitment to quality, customer service and the respect the company has garnered over 25 years as one of the leading logistics businesses in the east of England.

Managing director Roddy Forster says: “Our new branding (developed by Southwold-based agency, Spring) showcases the vitality that runs throughout the company, and the addition of our new sea service enables us to offer the full spectrum of logistics services and legitimately call ourselves one-stop experts.”

With few businesses disputing that the last few years have been some of the toughest on record, the challenges of Covid, Brexit and port strikes identified to Jordon several ‘take-outs’ that now play a key role in reshaping the company’s brand identity and value setting.

Roddy continues: “Like every other company, when Covid hit, we had to think on our feet and stay focused. Developing a deeper understanding of how agile we are as an organisation and drilling down to better grasp the positive impact achieved by servicing clients’ needs against all odds has proved pivotal in resetting our core values and better understanding our USPs.”

With existing clients already benefitting from consistently impressive European delivery times, the new sea freight service not only provides the crucial missing link in Jordon’s logistics masterplan but positions as true end-to-end logistics experts.

CEO Jon Swallow explains: “We’ve purposely kept our new sea freight service simple. Having always provided existing clients with a whole range of services – including sea – the decision to undertake a brand refresh provided an opportunity to launch ourselves publicly to a broader audience as a global provider.

“The redesign also focussed our minds on those practices that set us apart, and two instantly sprang to mind. Firstly, there’s never any compromise when it comes to the service we provide clients, regardless of whether we deal with them face-to-face or online. This is absolute. And secondly, we are unequivocal in our commitment to transparent and fair pricing.”

With its one-stop-shop capabilities, the services Jordon offers clients include European rail service, warehousing, European, UK and global transport and second-to-none customs services. Jon adds:  “Never a company to shy away from being busy; we’ve got a good feeling about 2023, and with our new branding launched, we’re excited to be embracing our new recruitment strategy, which is all based on skills and knowledge that we need for the future.”

Image, L-R Jordon CEO Jon Swallow and MD Roddy Forster.