8.3.2022 | Haulage

Golden future lays ahead for Alfie

Youngest ever driver academy student passes with flying colours. 

Goldstar Transport’s Driving Academy offers life-changing prospects to all those keen to become part of the logistics team that helps keep Britain moving.

One person who spotted the opportunity presented by the Felixstowe-based hauliers is Alfie Clarke.

Aged just 18, Alfie is the youngest student to complete Goldstar’s driver training scheme. He says:

“I saw the application form online and jumped at the chance to sign up and get myself qualified at something that would offer me a full-time career. With news of driver shortages everywhere, this felt like the perfect opportunity.”

Undertaking his training last month, Alfie continues. The training course includes one-to-one training with a qualified NRI instructor in a dedicated training vehicle. It went so well I was able to take my test a day early.

“I passed with flying colours and can’t believe how quickly my life has changed for the better. I took full advantage of the two-week mentoring programme, which showed me the ropes and the professional ‘Goldstar way’ of doing things. And now I’ve got a full-time job as a driver with a company that I love. The fact they offer a funding scheme that helps to cover the cost of the course, and which I pay back over the next few months made all the difference.”

Full details about the Goldstar Driving Academy and the online application form can be found here.

Alfie Clarke