5.10.2021 | Haulage

Goldstar demands better facilities for HGV Drivers’ welfare

Transport specialist calls for more safe, secure and suitable places for HGV Drivers to rest. 

Goldstar Transport is committed to improving the lot of HGV drivers across the country with the launch of its ‘Better Breaks, Safer Stops’ Campaign to improve the industry for HGV Drivers, on the back of the RHA’s 12-point Action Plan.

Explaining the company’s reason for taking action Steve Jones, Goldstar Transport general manager, says: “Brexit, IR35 and the Covid-19 pandemic are just the latest in several long-standing barriers to entry into the UK haulage industry. The current driver crisis proves that we need to encourage new and returning drivers. We believe that a critical part of this is ensuring improved minimum standards for all HGV parking facilities.

“Unfortunately, every driver has a story to tell about the poor quality, lack of security and insufficient facilities at rest stops. The recent closure of the Orwell Crossing here on the A14 further reiterates the extent of the problem. And, pulling out all the stops to get the country through the Covid pandemic has put incredible pressure on the industry and reinforced, once again, how HGV drivers are the backbone of our economy.”

With the Government acknowledging as far back as 2010 that there was a shortfall of secure, safe places for drivers to park, little has been done to rectify the situation, and no other industry is expected to ‘make do’ as our drivers are.”

As an industry with mandatory rules that prevent drivers from driving further to what might be considered a ‘safer stop’, Goldstar Transport is encouraging other industry members to join its ‘Better Breaks, Safer Stops’ campaign. Steve Jones continues: “We have to abide by the rules that govern our industry, but in return, a network of quality, secure rest stops across the UK should be made mandatory too.

“And, whilst recognising the high standards some HGV parking facilities provide and thank companies like Snap for making it easier for drivers to access facilities, we believe there needs to be more safe, secure and suitable places for HGV Drivers to rest. We shouldn’t have to advise our drivers of no-go locations.”

Fully supportive of the RHA’s 12-point plan presented to government, Steve Jones adds: “If we are to curb this crisis and ensure road haulage is an industry that people want to build a career in, we need to put pressure on the Government to ensure all designed HGV stops have adequate facilities for the number of HGV’s they can hold – including lighting, fencing, CCTV and appropriate security. If we are to continue to keep Britain moving, it’s time for the Government to deliver.”
Goldstar Transport would love to hear from anyone in the transport industry business keen to get involved in its ‘Better Breaks, Safer Stops’ initiative, as well as UK Rest Stop or motorway services interested in flying the flag for industry improvements.

To find out more or to become part of the campaign, email: steve.jones@goldstartransport.co.uk or call: 01394 600523 ext. 2030.