9.8.2023 | Recruitment

how to ask for a pay rise in 2023

Asking for a pay rise is a normal part of career growth and something that only gets easier with experience.

Knowing your worth is crucial, and asking for a pay raise can be a nerve-wracking experience wherever you are in your career. In this edition of Porttalk, Amanda Harrold of A&S Recruitment explains how you can increase your chances of success with careful planning and effective communication.

Here Amanda shares her top tips for asking for that pay rise:

Prepare and research

  • Understand your company’s policies and practices regarding salary and adjustments.
  • Research industry standards and average salaries for your role and experience level.
  • Document your accomplishments, responsibilities, and contributions to the company. Highlight specific examples of how you’ve added value.

Choose the right time

  • Timing is crucial. Aim to discuss your pay raise during your annual performance review after successfully completing a major project or when you’ve achieved a significant milestone.
  • Avoid asking for a raise during busy or stressful periods for your company.

Schedule a meeting

  • Request a private meeting with your supervisor or line manager to discuss your remuneration. This allows you both to focus on the conversation without interruptions.

Practice and prepare talking points

  • Rehearse what you want to say. Clearly and confidently communicate your reasons for requesting a pay rise, focusing on your achievements, responsibilities, and contributions.

Frame the discussion

  • Express gratitude for your current role and opportunities.
  • State your intention to discuss your raise and your commitment to the company’s success.

Present your case

  • Highlight your accomplishments and specific examples of how you’ve gone above and beyond your job description.
  • Discuss any increased responsibilities, additional tasks, or roles you’ve taken on since your last salary review.

Quantify your value

  • Use data and evidence to demonstrate your impact on the company’s goals or bottom line.
  • Show how your efforts have led to cost savings, revenue generation, improved efficiency, or enhanced customer satisfaction.

Discuss market research

  • Mention your research on industry salary standards and how your current package compares. Emphasise that you’re looking for fair and competitive remuneration.

Be open to negotiation

  • Be prepared for the possibility that your request may not be granted immediately. Be open to a discussion and negotiation on the terms of the raise, such as the amount or the timing.

Maintain professionalism

  • Remain respectful and professional throughout the conversation, even if the outcome is not as you hoped.
  • Focus on the value you bring to the company rather than personal financial needs.

Follow up

  • Regardless of the outcome, thank your supervisor for the discussion.
  • If the raise is approved, express your appreciation, and clarify any details regarding the new package.

Amanda concludes: “Remember that asking for a pay rise is a normal part of career growth and something that only gets easier with experience. While it can be intimidating, a well-prepared and thoughtful approach will always increase your chances of a positive outcome.”