1.6.2021 | Logistics

Imorex launch clearance department

Palletforce partnership drives Imorex customs service.


Seizing an opportunity that presented itself through its relationship with Palletforce, Imorex has launched a new import and export clearance service.

Dan Jackaman, Imorex customs and forwarding manager, explains: “Palletforce needed an agent to handle the import and export declarations for its German trailer service as there were service issues that needed addressing.

“Our managing director, Graeme Connor, identified the opportunity and went to Palletforce proposing a solution. Once agreed, it was down to us to make it happen and launched the new service in early March.”

Currently offering T1 import and export customs clearance service, the team, including custom coordinators Andrea Baker and George Connor, is focusing on driving service efficiency. Dan explains: “The department was set up to solve a problem, and so our attention has been on getting the service set up, stable and as efficient as possible.

“The nature of the service we offer Palletforce means our growth rests in their hands as they and their German partner need to sell the service.

“Historically, the clearance stage was always a bit of a black hole, with tracking information lacking and lots of waiting involved. Our new relationship with Palletforce enables us to access the information needed to deliver a hugely improved service, with an inventory linked service. To further avoid delays at the port of entry into the UK we have strategically created dedicated ETSF warehousing at our Huntingdon facility which only handles European groupage trailers.

“Having handled 228 import consignments to date, we’ve reduced the average number of days to get a whole trailer cleared from around six days to 0.29 days on our last trailer. It’s these improvements that we’re most proud of.”

The Imorex clearance team also pulls on the experience of newly appointed general manager Tony Stoker and as Dan reflects: “Including Tony’s knowledge, the team benefits from 90 years’ industry experience. That’s a wealth of knowledge rivalled by very few.”

Looking ahead, Dan adds: “Now we’re up and running, we’re looking to add sea freight clearances to our service offering and then hopefully some general forwarding work too.”

For more information about Imorex visit imorex.co.uk