8.3.2022 | Logistics

It’s all in the name

Olly Magnus shares his company’s tradition of naming their cabs. 

Magnus Group prides itself on its fleet of 66 trucks, providing the highest level of customer care, efficiency, and competitiveness for almost fifty years.

Olly Magnus says: “We always take immense pride in making sure our trucks look 100%, but since the 70’s when my father Paul was in charge, we’ve been naming our vehicles, and it’s a tradition that’s just stuck.”

With its policy of running Daf trucks, the Great Blakenham-based company has recently purchased ten new DAF FTG XF’ 480 Super Space Cabs from its neighbour Chassis Cab.

Olly continues: “All our new trucks are named after ladies that work with us, inspire us or are connected to the business. One of the new cabs is named Sophie Georgia, in honour of the daughter of Patsi Brown who has worked for us for the last 36 years.

“But we’ve recently broken our usual female name rule and had a cab commissioned with Dad’s name on, and we’ve gone with green and white paintwork, so he stands out from the crowd.”

Recently featured in the EADT’s ‘Suffolk 100’ list of the most influential people in the county, 2022 has gotten off to a great start for Olly Magnus and the company. He adds: “Since taking over as CEO in 2019, the company has gone from strength to strength, and on a personal note, I am proud to be included in ‘Suffolk’s 100’ list.”