22.3.2022 | Ports

Join Felixstowe Port Users’ Association

FPUA confirms its membership fees frozen for 2022 

The Felixstowe Port Users’ Association (FPUA) has confirmed that there will be no increase to its annual fees to help support its affiliated members and attract new associates.

The FPUA is an inclusive membership organisation representing companies of all sizes and ownership who conduct business in or through the Port of Felixstowe. It acts in the interest of the Port community with all organisations, including affairs with the Port of Felixstowe management.

FPUA Chair Jason Flower says: “In this high-risk and ever-changing sector which has been particularly affected by Brexit, you might be asking yourself – why aren’t we members of the FPUA? We host regular meetings with numerous regulatory bodies and more; membership enables you to benefit first-hand from our two-way open dialogue. It also provides a platform for you to voice your concerns, challenges, and feedback, which forms part of our agenda.”

Established in 1969 and with a current membership of over 110 companies, the FPUA helps its members shape, understand, and meet their regulatory requirements whilst representing the port community as one collective voice.

Visit the FPUA website to find out more about becoming a member.

FPUA The Association is run by a Council, consisting of a Chair, Vice-Chair and five Category Representatives. The five categories representing the different port industry sectors are shipping lines, freight forwarders, hauliers, warehouse keepers and port-related services. The annual membership fee is £130.

Image: Courtesy of the Port of Felixstowe.