19.4.2023 | Logistics


The successful initiative helps serving personnel who might be looking ahead to a career in logistics once they leave the Army.

Magnus Group’s close relationship with the armed services has been acclaimed with a Bronze Award from the Ministry of Defence as part of its Employer Recognition Scheme.

The company signed an Armed Forces Covenant that reflects the special ties between the logistics company and the Army, and the Bronze Award has now followed.

Managing Director Mark Oakley recently met with senior officers at the East Anglia Reserve Forces and Cadets Association to celebrate bonds between servicemen and women and local companies.

There has been an especially close relationship between Magnus Group and the 132 Aviation Supply Squadron, part of the Royal Logistics Corps based at Wattisham.

Magnus staff have visited the base to learn about the Army’s approach to logistics on a world stage.

But the friendship also helps serving personnel who might be looking ahead to life on civvy street once they leave the Army. They have visited Magnus Group HQ to learn more about what life would be like working for a forward-thinking logistics company.

Magnus Group has warehouses near Ipswich and at the Port of Felixstowe, operates a large transport fleet and offers freight-forwarding services. All of these offer potential avenues of employment.

Mark Oakley said: “The Bronze Award is an honour for the company and reflects our respect for the armed services and the people who serve our country.

“We enjoy a close relationship with the Royal Logistics Corps in Wattisham. It helps us to learn more about the Army’s approach to logistics, but more importantly, it opens our door for personnel who might be considering life after service.”