30.11.2022 | Recruitment

New Year, New Job - expert CV and interview tips

A&S Recruitment’s Amanda Harrold shares her experience on how to ensure you and your CV shine.

Is finding a new job your resolution for 2023? In that case, Amanda Harrold of A&S Recruitment shares her top tips for ensuring everything about you – from CV to interview – sends the right messages to potential employers.

Start with a standout CV:

“So many of the CVs we receive here at A&S are far too detailed, with lengthy paragraphs that hinder rather than enhance a candidate’s chances.

“A short statement about yourself is always a good introduction. Use your decision to go job hunting as a reason to take a good and long look in the mirror to identify those attributes that make you stand out. You might be an attention-to-detail person, speak various languages, or be an analytical supremo. Still, your talents will undoubtedly be overlooked if you don’t share this information. But remember, embellishing the extent of your talent too much will only cause problems later on.

“When sharing your work experience, keep everything concise, bullet-pointed and relevant. Employers are looking for candidates with the skills and attributes to help their company thrive – not details of a job years ago and in a completely different sector.

“And with IT competency integral in almost every aspect of the logistics sector, be sure to highlight these skills, whether you’re going for a trainee position or a role requiring more experience. Employers will want to know if you’re a whizz at Excel or have a basic understanding of an industry-specific software package. Any knowledge of the new CDS system is a definite plus.”

The Interview:

“My main tip to candidates looking for a new role is to do your homework! You would think this is a given – but I am constantly surprised by how many candidates know nothing about the company they’re hoping will employ them and then wonder why they didn’t get selected.

“One of the benefits of coming to a reputable agency is that we take the time to meet candidates face to face and discuss in detail the type of role they are looking for. This also gives us an opportunity to assess their personality and then match them to companies with the right fit.

“Again, an obvious one, but first impressions do count, never more than at an interview. That doesn’t mean you need to be suited and booted, but you have to be well-presented, groomed and looking professional.

“An interview heightens the anxiety levels in even the most self-assured, and employers will always consider this. They want to see an enthusiastic and engaged individual who has confidence in their ability and would be an asset to their company. And remember, it’s your chance to ask questions too.”

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