23.1.2023 | Recruitment

New Year – New Look for A&S Recruitment

With many happy to see the end of 2023 and hoping that this year brings more optimism and growth potential to the economy, A&S Recruitment has been reviewing its business operations. 

The recruitment specialist has created a clear and defined vision for embracing 2024 and beyond. Here, Amanda Harrold shares the new look of A&S Recruitment.

“Having been in the logistics recruitment for longer than I care to think about, and with A&S Recruitment’s 20th anniversary coming up next year, our strength is undoubtedly in the relationships we foster with our client companies and those candidates looking for new opportunities, or those looking to join to the sector.

“And whilst our reputation is for supporting those looking for on-the-ground positions in the transport, warehousing, commercial and shipping sectors, we’re delighted to announce that we have launched an executive, senior management and sales recruitment division to support companies across the industry.

“And with the new division, we’re delighted to announce Becky Crevald’s appointment. Joining A&S with a remit to develop and run the new division, Becky brings a background which includes over 25 years of sales training and management experience. Well known to everyone here at A&S, Becky has worked alongside me in a business advisory capacity over the years, enabling her to hit the ground running and offer additional insight and value to our clients.”

Amanda continues, “Having taken the strategic decision to join the UK Warehouse Association last year, we are keen sponsors and supporters of Generation Logistics. This means our partnerships with local colleges and universities are not just about looking good on paper. We are actively working with young talent to offer our clients an ongoing stream of trainees. As an industry that bursts with potential and offers a whole host of career opportunities, we must support youngsters to understand that the sector is not all about driving trucks.”

Last but not least, A&S Recruitment is diversifying and adding a new string to its bow. Amanda continues: “Very excited about this new venture; we are using our existing recruitment skills to create a new division to support the education/sports and leisure sector.

“Having created a bespoke solution for a new client that has already saved them time and money in their own in-house resourcing, the project highlighted that our ability to understand and fulfil a client’s recruitment needs is a skill that can be transferred across sectors. Andy Leeson has taken on responsibility for heading up the division, and we’re keen to see where it may take us. Getting off to a great start we have filled a number of roles across Suffolk, Essex and Kent and with the amazing feedback from our initial client we have also secured an additional contract with a neighbouring business.”

On a mission to continue to offer the value and service that its clients have come to expect, expanding, growing and sometimes thinking outside of the box are very much part of A&S Recruitment’s plans for remaining relevant and ahead of the recruitment curve.

Further information about A&S Recruitment can be found at www.aandsrecruitment.com

 Image, L-R: Amanda Harrold and Becky Crevald.