Andy Leeson

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Andy Leeson

Recruitment Consultant

A&S Recruitment

How long have you been working at A&S, and what about your job makes going to work a pleasure?

A&S Recruitment has a fantastic reputation in the logistics industry based on its expertise, knowledge and longevity.

I have been working at A&S for a year and a half and love helping people looking for something different or struggling to find the right position to benefit their life in a positive way.

With last year fraught with various challenges, how is 2023 looking for those keen to find a new job in our region’s logistics sector?

Since returning from the festive period, we have seen a positive rejuvenation in both old and new clients approaching us about interesting new roles and candidate levels starting to increase.

The early signs are that 2023 is starting well for job opportunities.

If you could give three top tips to job seekers on how to raise their chances of securing a position, what would they be?

We are very good at tailoring our advice when we see candidates face-to-face. However, in my experience, my top tips for job searching are:

Be open to opportunities that you might not have thought of! Don’t rule things out; be open to using your transferable skills.

Don’t build barriers. Focus on the positives of what you can do rather than what you can’t.

Follow up and show you care. Build relationships with people you come into contact with through the process so they remember you. If you are keen, make sure people know.

Recruitment is a very female-oriented sector; how does it feel being the only chap at A&S?

I’m pretty used to being around females with a wife and three daughters.

I think it works well that we have both female and male views on candidates, clients, and job roles to ensure a rounded view of how we can meet companies’ staffing requirements.

We understand you’re a football fan; who’s your team, and why? And are you a player as well as a spectator?

I am a Manchester United fan and generally enjoy watching any game live or on TV.

I’m not sure if you would believe me, but when I started supporting United, it was because my favourite colour was red (they were doing alright at that time as well).

I do still try and play a bit when my family life and legs permit.

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