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How did you get started in this business?

After attending Art College studying Photography, I started as a junior Photographer in a studio. We had a tremendous amount of work and a very broad client base, so every day, I was learning new skills and techniques and learning how to talk to the customer.


What are the challenges of taking pictures in the logistics industry?

To convey speed, scale, and the human touch. I think a lot of people assume it’s just warehousing and trucks, which I suppose is accurate to a point, but behind every delivery is an army of people and it’s people that make interesting subjects for imagery and the jobs they do within logistics.


What do you love most about your job?

Every job presents a new challenge and working in different locations is always interesting. There is nothing quite like the buzz you get from keeping the customer satisfied.

What is your passion, film or digital?

I was lucky enough to be in the generation of students that learnt with film and chemicals, and for a large part of my career I used film. There is nothing that comes close to the excitement you get whilst printing from negatives or the anticipation you experience whilst waiting for your film from the lab. Digital is just not even close.


Tell us about a missed opportunity from your career?

Honestly, I cannot think of one. I never turned down a job willingly from any client, as you never know what it may lead to.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

There’s a lovely quote from ‘Kind Hearts and Coronets’ (1949 B&W Ealing studios), in which the anti-hero discovers “The mysteries of the Camera demanded little more than ordinary intelligence plus the ability to judge a subject upside down.”
That is all you need to know. I still have ‘ordinary’ intelligence, but with no need to judge a subject upside down!

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