Paul Burke

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Paul Burke, Freightcover

Paul Burke

Sales Executive


What first got you into the insurance business?

I am relatively new to the insurance industry. My background of nearly 40 years working in shipping, freight forwarding, and transport has stood me in good stead for my career change.

Selling an insurance platform was different from what I expected to be doing after a long time in one industry. Still, having been shown the platform, I saw that Freightcover was an excellent tool for the freight-forwarding community, so I was excited to get involved.

How has the industry changed since you were first involved?

As a newcomer to the insurance sector, it’s difficult for me to answer; however, my colleagues tell me the regulatory processes are more complicated and time-consuming and that, like many industries, the number of competitors has risen.

A necessary ‘evil’, what excites you about the sector?

Not an ‘evil’, but the regulatory process, although a burden, maintains high standards and protection against fraudulent operators.

I fully believe in the benefits of insurance freight cover, but I cannot say it excites me though!

How have the recent roller coaster freight rates impacted your business?   

It has been a positive in that shippers and importers have realised the importance of protecting their investment as costs increase.

After several high-profile incidents, there has been a realisation of how important insurance is to logistics and worldwide trade.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Do not be frightened to take a risk or two ( ironic now being in insurance), and appreciate those around you.

Freightcover is an online, specialist cargo insurance solution established in 2005 and developed ever since to meet the needs and demands of freight forwarders and provides secure, instant, high-quality cover at competitive prices.