Ros Smith

Five minutes with…

Ros Smith

General Manager

Bryco Recruitment

How did you get started in the recruitment industry?
I have dipped in and out of recruitment most of my career for over 30 years. I would recruit for the department’s I was managing at the time. I enjoyed the process, and it was always a great feeling when you find the right person for the job. I became more passionate about recruitment back in 2018 when I was a wedding and events sales manager. I recruited a whole new front of house team, from interview to onboarding, then training them in the role. Watching young people take the first steps in their careers, seeing their confidence grow, whether it was weekend work or a full-time position and being part of that process was very rewarding. When the offer of Bryco came up from Graeme Connor, it was no brainer for me.

What sets Bryco apart?
Bryco is a small independent people-focused recruitment agency; we are about building good relationships with candidates and clients. I feel this is the best way to find the right fit for both. We work closely with our clients to build strong, lasting relationships based on trust that we understand their business needs, and we place candidates that add value and want to progress. We also offer a flexible pricing structure to help the smaller businesses in the area.

The logistics sector is busier than it’s ever been, are there any particular challenges when it comes to matching candidates and clients?
The expectation of salary against experience is a real challenge at the moment. It is all about supply and demand, which is inflating salary expectations against actual industry knowledge. It means we have a culture of cherry-picking and maybe placing to the highest offer rather than the right candidate, client fit, and it is about managing expectations on both sides.

If you had a magic wand and could change something about the recruitment sector, what would that be?
I feel there is enough work and room for all, and I would like to see recruitment agencies work together and not be so territorial. I hope it is about getting people back into work after the last 18 months and supporting the local community. I feel Bryco can offer a softer approach to recruitment.

Tell us a guilty pleasure?
Wine, good food and family. I have missed my family very much over the last year, and now I love nothing more than catching up with my nieces, nephews, siblings, and parents, making up for lost time and making memories again.