8.6.2022 | Haulage

Rules moving paper reels causing you problems?

New regulations mean firms transporting paper reels must place friction matting under them, leaving many firms little time to prepare.

The rules changed on 1 May – but DVSA communications have largely gone under the radar.

RHA members report practical and financial difficulties in complying, and some struggle to source the matting.

The DVSA is enforcing the regulations and new Secure Loading Guidance is being drafted.

The rules are amongst changes to the Categorisation of Defect.

The RHA believes the measures are impractical in many cases and are urging DVSA into taking action on their behalf.

They’ve been asked to gather evidence from RHA members to build a strong case to persuade the Health & Safety Executive to overturn the changes.

This is what they’re asking you to do if you’re affected

Tell them what challenges you face complying, such as:

Availability of matting
Practicalities of installing matting under reels
Driver/loader safety
Previous load securing instructions/measures imposed by customers
Anything else
Send us evidence of loading and securing procedures including photos of loaded vehicles showing securing methods.

Send responses to Malcolm Dodds, RHA’s Head of Technical Services – or contact him for more information.

Please say if you want your company details to remain confidential.