28.5.2024 | Recruitment

The benefits of seeking fresh talent

Andy Leeson of A&S Recruitment explains why the industry should hire college leavers and recent graduates. 

With the end of the academic year almost upon us and a flood of fresh new talent set to enter the market,  Andy Leeson, A&S Recruitment’s senior consultant, shares why the logistics sector should consider hiring college leavers and recent graduates.

“In today’s rapidly evolving logistics landscape, the search for fresh talent has become a strategic priority for forward-thinking companies. With our sector offering a wide range of opportunities, the potential for career growth, and the chance to keep Britain moving, logistics companies must wake up to the often-overlooked benefits of recruiting a college leaver or recent university graduate.”

Here, Andy outlines why hiring these young professionals should be considered a strategic company decision:

Innovation and Fresh Perspectives

Recent graduates enter the workforce with up-to-date knowledge and a fresh perspective on industry trends and technologies. Their academic experience often includes exposure to the latest research, tools, and methodologies, bringing new ideas and innovative solutions into a company.

Tech Savvy

With technology now infused into every aspect of this industry’s global operations, recent graduates are typically tech-savvy and adept at using a wide range of digital tools and platforms. This familiarity should be considered an invaluable business asset. It enables new recruits to ‘hit the ground running’, with their tech intuition kicking in to embrace new technologies and accelerate their induction into company processes and operations.

Adaptability and Learning Agility

The current educational model emphasises critical thinking, adaptability, and lifelong learning, so college leavers and recent graduates are highly adaptable and eager to learn.

By bringing enthusiasm to a company and a willingness to embrace new challenges, this adaptability only adds to their recruitment appeal.

Cost-Effective Talent Acquisition

At a time when companies across the industry are having to keep a close check on their P&L, recruiting those fresh from finishing their education can prove to be a hugely cost-effective strategy. With experienced professionals demanding salaries recognising their experience and expertise, college leavers and recent graduates are often willing to accept entry-level positions on a competitive starting package. The win-win for those companies happy to embrace this labour pool is the ability to mould these candidates to meet their specific operational and corporate culture needs.

Long-Term Investment

Bringing in young talent allows companies to invest in their development and growth from the outset. Companies can cultivate loyalty and reduce staff turnover by providing training, mentorship, and career development opportunities.

Diverse Skill Sets

Those just about to leave university or college possess various academic disciplines. They bring to the workplace a host of diverse skill sets that can complement and enhance the existing workforce. This diversity can lead to more well-rounded teams and a readiness to tackle business challenges with an innovative approach.

Sustainability and Green Initiatives

With the increasing need to improve its sustainability, the logistics sector is actively seeking innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint – making it a perfect industry choice for those passionate about environmental issues and a passion for contributing to green logistics initiatives.

Enhancing Brand Values

With businesses ever keen to showcase their ESG endeavours, proactively seeking out and hiring new college or university leavers can significantly boost an employer’s brand.

Demonstrating a commitment to foster young talent and contribute to the development of the future workforce not only increases a company’s reputation but also makes it more attractive to experienced professionals who value working for an organisation that prioritizes innovation.

Andy concludes: “Candidates fresh out of education are often disregarded but present a hugely attractive option for those with looming job vacancies. With the sector now offering a diverse range of career paths, an emphasis on technology and a commitment to sustainability, the industry needs to reconsider its recruitment strategies and collectively shout from the rooftops about the exciting opportunities that exist for those looking to make an impact, whilst embarking on a fulfilling career.”

Image credit: Mike Bowden