6.9.2023 | Recruitment

The evolution of the logistics sector

With the logistics sector busier than ever, the industry’s challenge is in future-proofing itself in order to keep Britain moving.

A&S Recruitment managing director Amanda Harrold provides an overview of Generation Logistics, a government campaign on a mission to encourage people to join the sector launched last year.

Amanda says: “Overall, the future of jobs in the shipping, logistics, and warehousing sectors in the UK seems promising, with a focus on embracing technology, sustainability, and efficient supply chain practices. To remain competitive in this evolving job market, professionals may need to upskill or reskill to adapt to changing industry demands.

“The move away from the more traditional roles within this sector will mean new opportunities to attract and engage with young adults. The government and industry are collaborating to deliver the Generation Logistics Campaign, which was launched in 2022 to focus on the skills task force meeting the future skills needs in the freight and logistics sector.”

Now in its second year, and with the recent launch of its networking group Logistics Connect,  the importance of raising awareness of the sector in order to future-proof the industry was highlighted.  A key speaker at the event said, “Generation Logistics’ research shows only 12 per cent of young people are actively pursuing a logistics career. This is despite young people recognising the importance of the industry, with 40 per cent agreeing that the logistics sector is ‘crucial in keeping the country running.”

Generation Logistics is all about:

  • Supporting employer engagement.
  • Reforming freight and logistics training offers to encourage transferable skills.
  • Supporting efforts to boost diversity within the sector.
  • Investing its £ 7 million freight and innovation fund to maximise the use of technology and data for freight and logistics.

To enable companies of all sizes to back the initiative, Generation Logistics has recently announced an accessible and lower-cost sponsorship package for smaller organisations. As the campaign moves into the next phase, companies with an annual turnover of less than £20m will be able to join the industry initiative as silver sponsors for £2,000 pa.

Full details can be found here.