21.9.2022 | Logistics

The Plastic Packaging Tax and what it means for your business

Check if you are liable and need to register for PPT. 

If you are a manufacturer or importer of plastics, you are probably well aware of the government’s new Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) initiative, which came into being on the 1st of April 2022.

The new government legislation states that if you are expecting to produce or import 10 or more tonnes of plastic packaging within the next 30 days, or if you have manufactured or imported 10 tonnes or more since April 1st, 2022, which doesn’t contain at least 30% of recycled plastic, you will need to register for PPT.

The tax aims to incentivise companies to use recycled plastics in manufacturing, creating a greater demand and, in turn, encouraging increased levels of recycling, which will divert plastic waste away from landfill sites or incineration.

It is estimated that the UK produces around 5 million tonnes of plastic waste per year, thought to reach 26 billion tonnes by 2050; half of all plastics produced are used in packaging, with 85% ending up in landfills or as unregulated waste in turn, having a negative and harmful impact on the environment.

For further information and guidance on registering for PPT, click here.