21.2.2024 | Recruitment

The role of Continuing Professional Development in logistics

Training for today’s logistics industry is critical, no matter your role.

With Continuing Professional Development (CPD) a vital component in ensuring your skill sets remain relevant within the ever-changing logistics sector, Becky Crevald, A&S Recruitments’ Executive Search Consultant, shares the importance of ongoing learning and development in the workplace. 

She says: “It is paramount that logistics professionals undertake to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise throughout their careers. With the logistics landscape changing almost beyond recognition in the last ten years, CPD must be considered a working lifelong commitment.

“An essential aspect of CPD in logistics is the integration of emerging technologies. From automation and robotics to advanced data analytics and AI, employees must be proficient in utilising these tools to optimise supply chain processes. CPD programs focusing on new technological advancements enable individuals to navigate digital transformation and integrate their knowledge into their day-to-day responsibilities.  

“And whilst it’s easy to think we’re all too busy to take time out of the office, understanding and adapting to evolving supply chain dynamics also requires attending workshops, conferences and training sessions. Attending such events delivers knowledge, skill enhancement, and development and exposes colleagues to industry trends and insights. And can be hugely motivating and inspiring.

“Ultimately, embracing CPD is all about taking charge of your professional journey, ensuring relevancy, and fostering a mindset of continuous growth. It also makes you a hugely compelling candidate looking to take the next step on your career ladder.”

With a host of CPD courses offered by logistics associations, a good starting point is to check out the CPD Certification Services section on transport.