26.6.2024 | Compliance

The VARTAN Way – Signpost to Sizewell C

With Sizewell C poised to play a critical role in the UK’s energy future, now is the time for businesses to position themselves for success.

Bringing together VARTAN Consultancy’s industry insights and strategic expertise to support businesses in navigating the complex procurement landscape associated with Sizewell C and other large-scale infrastructure projects, company founder Miles Vartan explains all about his company’s latest offering: The VARTAN Way—Signpost to Sizewell C.

As the construction of Sizewell C, the UK’s newest nuclear power station, gets underway, it promises to be one of the country’s most significant infrastructure projects.

“Situated right on our doorstep and with a construction cost of around £20 billion, Sizewell C offers immense business opportunities across various sectors. Navigating the complexities of securing contracts for such a colossal project can be daunting. Still, The VARTAN Way – Signpost to Sizewell C –  is designed to make this process seamless and efficient for businesses looking to tap into the burgeoning opportunities at Sizewell C.

“This latest nuclear power station is a beacon of sustainable energy and a catalyst for regional economic growth. Expected to generate approximately 3.2 GW of electricity, it will power around 6 million homes and significantly contribute to the UK’s net-zero ambitions. The construction phase alone will create thousands of jobs, and with over 60% of the investment earmarked for UK companies, there’s a substantial opportunity for local businesses to get involved.”

Providing a wealth of knowledge and support to local and regional companies aiming to capitalise on the opportunities presented by Sizewell C, The VARTAN Way offers:

  • Expert Guidance and Insights: Providing businesses with in-depth knowledge about Sizewell C’s procurement processes, project timelines, and key compliance requirements. This allows companies to position themselves effectively and meet the stringent standards expected by EDF Energy and its partners.
  • Tailored Strategies: Recognising that each business has unique strengths and capabilities, The VARTAN Way crafts customised strategies that align with Sizewell C’s specific needs. Whether you are in engineering, construction, logistics, or services, The VARTAN Way ensures your business stands out in a competitive landscape.
  • Compliance and Certification Support: The VARTAN Way helps businesses navigate these requirements, offering certifications, health and safety protocols, and regulatory adherence support.
  • Networking and Connections: Leveraging its extensive network within the industry, The VARTAN Way connects businesses with key stakeholders, decision-makers, and potential partners at Sizewell C, utilising all forms of media, including promotional filming. This facilitates valuable relationships and opens doors to collaborative opportunities.
  • Bid and Proposal Development: Crafting a winning bid requires more than a competitive price. The VARTAN Way assists businesses in developing compelling proposals that highlight their unique value propositions, capabilities, and alignment with Sizewell C’s strategic goals.

Miles Vartan continues: “With Sizewell C poised to play a critical role in the UK’s energy future, now is the time for businesses to position themselves for success. The VARTAN Way stands ready to guide companies through every step, from understanding the initial requirements to executing final contracts. By embracing our unique offering, businesses can secure their share of opportunities at Sizewell C and enhance their capabilities, reputation, and long-term growth prospects in the infrastructure sector.”

If your business is looking to tap into the vast potential of Sizewell C, please click here for more information or to schedule a consultation or email info@vartanconsultancy.com

Image: Miles Vartan