16.8.2022 | Technology

TOPS validated for use with DVSA’s Earned Recognition Scheme

Fargo Systems is confirmed as an approved Earned Recognition IT supplier.

Fargo Systems’ project director, Jim Slade, provides an overview of the system.

The Earned Recognition scheme enables vehicle operators to prove that their organisation meets driver and vehicle standards and, most importantly, minimises the chance of vehicles being stopped for inspections.

As one of less than forty companies endorsed by the DVSA as a vehicle maintenance system provider, Fargo Systems’ TOPS fleet maintenance module can now report data to the standard that the DVSA requires for Earned Recognition (ER).

Fargo’s project director, Jim Slade, says: “This is great news for Fargo Systems and our customers. Not only does ER status help those that can demonstrate their commitment to robust systems and processes, but it promotes effective and proactive transport management, something we are passionate about here at Fargo.

“Road safety should be a priority for all those involved in logistics. This scheme provides an ideal opportunity to demonstrate compliance, recoup time historically lost through inspections and mitigates the need to keep and maintain physical records.”

Benefits of gaining ER status include:
• Being able to prove you are an exemplary operator. DVSA-approved operators are included on a list at GOV.UK, which enables potential contracts requiring a DVSA recognised operator to find you
• Being less likely to have vehicles inspected at the roadside
• Being less likely to have DVSA enforcement staff visit your premises
• Providing a platform to be involved in future DVSA initiatives

For those keen to get involved, the DVSA recommends using an endorsed software package.

Hauliers need innovative software to report maintenance measures and performance to obtain Earned Recognition. TopsTMS® software can automatically report the fleet maintenance data in TOPS to the standard the DVSA requires, helping you easily achieve the Earned Recognition standard.

TOPS will send the DVSA an automated report on a set of KPIs in line with Operator Licence requirements. Not only are these reports necessary for the scheme, but they are also helpful for operators to keep up to date with vehicles and drivers.

Jim concludes, “Here at Fargo, we believe the ER scheme offers a win-win for everybody.”

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