23.4.2024 | Warehousing

Uniserve empowers Vivid Goliath to navigate peak season successfully

Logistics giant appointed as strategic logistics partner, offering high-quality, efficient 3PL services equipped with reliable picking, packing, and rework procedures. 


Uniserve proudly announces the successful collaboration with Vivid Goliath, a prominent and Top 10 supplier within the toys and games trade. Vivid Goliath delivers exceptional results amidst the fast-paced and seasonal demands of their market.

Vivid Goliath faced the challenge of managing a substantial volume of approximately 50,000 order lines annually across diverse customer channels. These channels included major national retailers and e-commerce platforms, including Argos and Amazon. To meet these demands and streamline its supply chain, Vivid Goliath required a comprehensive logistics management solution that ensured precise stock management, reduced costs, and increased operational and distribution efficiency.

Uniserve was appointed Vivid Goliath’s new strategic logistics partner. It offers high-quality, efficient 3PL services equipped with reliable picking, packing, and rework procedures. Leveraging the capabilities of our 750,000 sq ft Felixstowe Mega DC, Uniserve provided rapid and responsive support along with tailored storage solutions to meet Vivid Goliath’s unique needs.

To ensure seamless order consolidation, Uniserve established a dedicated central team responsible for managing delivery bookings directly with Vivid Goliath’s customers.

From the offset, Uniserve has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement in conjunction with Vivid Goliath. It has delivered several initiatives that significantly benefited Vivid Goliath’s operations and costs, including reduced stock holding initiatives, slicker transport planning for different routes to market, and the onboarding of dedicated staff to facilitate all of Vivid Goliath’s value-added service requirements.

Nick Thomas, General Manager at Vivid Goliath, commented:
“This is the smoothest Peak season that Vivid Goliath has experienced recently. Thanks to the collaborative approach between our Operations Team and our 3PL provider, Uniserve, we have successfully navigated our key sales period in the calendar. We look forward to further developing our relationship in the upcoming year and seeing what future initiatives will hold.”