16.6.2021 | Customs

Urgent request from HMRC

Have you decided to use delayed declarations or are you potentially interested in doing so? 

HMRC is looking to speak to businesses who bring goods into the UK from the EU, and either:

• have decided to use delayed declarations (whether they have already made their supplementary declaration or not).
• would be potentially interested in using delayed declarations.

They would be looking to speak to approximately five businesses. The sessions would take about 45 minutes to an hour, and there would be an interview section, and then they would show them some guidance pages to get their feedback.

They would be looking at offering time slots from 9-5:

• Friday the 18th
• Monday the 21st
• Tuesday the 22nd

They are also happy to be flexible with dates if other days would suit.

Please note these sessions are entirely voluntary, and all information from the sessions will be confidential.

We appreciate the short notice and would be extremely grateful for any support.

Please contact
jccccustomsguidancesubgroup@hmrc.gov.uk or simon.edwards@hmrc.gov.uk as soon as possible if you can help with this request or let them know if you have any questions.