23.8.2023 | Risk management

VARTAN Consultancy move to a Central Location

Miles Vartan moves his business to the heart of the Felixstowe business community. 

With targeted business areas evolving well, Miles Vartan has moved his company to create a dynamic business hub from which VARTAN Consultancy can respond to the diverse range of its customer requirements.

Now located in refurbished offices in the centre of Felixstowe (10 Victoria Street), VARTAN Consultancy is busier than ever helping organisations across the region get ready for the potential build of Sizewell C Power Station has long been a strategic objective for the business; in addition to its ongoing compliance work.

Miles Vartan explains: “Over £2bn has been targeted for spend with local businesses if those companies or associated collaborative ventures can demonstrate that they can provide Sizewell C Limited and their related Tier 1 providers with solutions that meet EDF’s promises to the local community.

“The VARTAN Way is a package of solutions through which potential suppliers can develop their Quality Management Systems, continue to promote an interactive and effective Health & Safety Policy and demonstrate how they are committed to creating Social Value – if you can create a solid community footprint supported by involvement in such a significant project the potential in this area is immense.”

The fallout from Brexit and how COVID-19 affected the British economy have created many opportunities for VARTAN Consultancy.

“These outside influences have prompted us to develop training programmes (which are very much up and running) that relate to customs compliance, the use of the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) and the impending operational transition that will require the completion of all UK exports exclusively through CDS. Promoting these courses and other forms of assistance through social media are routes to market that VARTAN Consultancy has become well practised in over the last couple of years, so please keep an eye out for the company’s latest news.

“Freeport East is another opportunity for the region that is developing fast. This geographical triangle linking Felixstowe, Harwich and Stowmarket is adding to significant regional economic activity with locations like Port One Logistics and the Lowestoft LEAF project.”

With experience gained through working in Freeport locations around the UK, VARTAN Consultancy is in an ideal position to assist businesses who are interested in creating Freeport Customs sites; processing, adding value to items, exporting duty-free, generating jobs…. could the Freeport concept produce the step-up that the UK is looking for?

Miles adds: “Having lived and worked in and around Felixstowe and the Port for the last 35 years, I understand the power of networking and the immeasurable benefits of keeping connected. Establishing the business in the heart of this community can only be a positive development for VARTAN Consultancy.

Image, L-R: Josh Vartan, Miles Vartan and Darryl Ripper.