9.2.2021 | Risk Management

VARTAN expands its compliance services

Peter Bennett appointed Operator Licence Compliance Consultant with immediate effect.

Risk management specialist, VARTAN Consultancy, has appointed Peter Bennett to the role of Operator Licence Compliance Consultant with immediate effect.

Based in Vartan’s Felixstowe office, Peter’s responsibilities include operator licence and systems audits to determine the current level of compliance and to provide a comprehensive report and any recommendations.

Miles Vartan, Managing Director of VARTAN, says: “Peter joining the business is a considerable asset. We will be able to use his detailed knowledge as to how to manage fleets of LGVs both efficiently and safely. Our understanding of the benefits of improving company performance and looking after the health and safety of employees in relation to improving business performance will complement Peter’s abilities to support our ongoing development as a company. His previous 35 years’ experience as a transport manager, commercial vehicle dealer point manager and qualified motor engineer will prove invaluable to us and our customers as we grow and develop our compliance services.”

Peter Bennett comments: “The hard work begins once an operator’s licence is granted. We work with transport companies, transport/fleet managers and owner-drivers to manage their commitment to continuous compliance from operator licence applications and updates through to external transport manager provision.”

Miles concludes: “During these challenging times, it’s vital that vehicle operators remain compliant in the eyes of The Traffic Commissioner if they are to thrive. We can provide a mix of solutions to ensure they legally meet their Operator Licence promises and obligations.”

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