19.5.2021 |Haulage

VKVP Haulage opts for retreads

Haulier reaffirms commitment to reducing its carbon emissions.


With a responsible eye on its impact on the environment, logistics specialist VKVP Haulage has committed to utilising retread tyres across its fleet, underpinning the company’s ongoing strategy of reducing its operational effects on our planet.

VKVP Haulage transport compliance manager, Tony Willats, explains: “The production of one retread tyre, for example, saves up to 75 litres of oil, compared to manufacturing a new tyre. As it’s a legal requirement that retreads are tested to the same ECE109 criteria as new tyres the change in purchasing enables us to make a difference but retain our existing tyre performance.”

Formed in 2014 VKVP Haulage provides a comprehensive range of container transport services to the supply chain industry and operates a fleet of over 55 vehicles and 80 dedicated trailers from the ports of Felixstowe, London Gateway, and Southampton.

For more information about VKVP Haulage visit VKVP-haulage.co.uk