18.10.2022 | Logistics

Woolpit wins the day

Goldstar Transport’s off-dock container storage depot boasts a 5,000 TEU capacity.

Being the UK’s market leading-container haulier isn’t all about having the most extensive fleet and the latest trucks.

It’s also about offering the complete suite of services that clients require to ensure you are considered the premier one-stop shop. For this reason, Goldstar Transport has been developing its off-dock storage solutions and secure container parks for more than a decade.

Woolpit, near Bury St Edmunds, is one of Goldstar’s seven such sites. With location location location the ultimate pre-requisite, access to the depot is directly off the A14 and less than a 45-minute drive from the Port of Felixstowe.

Shay Richer, Goldstar Transport’s eastern container parks operations manager, says: “I’ve been in the industry for twenty years and back at Goldstar for a year, and no two days here are the same. With Woolpit container park allowing for 24-hour operations, we’re able to offer customers significantly more flexibility than our competitors.”

With a capacity of 5,000 TEU and equipped with load reach stackers and three points for refrigerated container services, the Woolpit site can accommodate anything and everything – from loaded storage, empty storage, transhipments, devans and specialist lifts.

Shay continues: “We’re a working team of twenty, and we’re immensely proud of our swift turnaround times – we average under 20 minutes. That means when a vehicle turns up to collect a container, they’ll be up and back on the road in less time than it takes to make and drink a coffee!”

e: woolpit@goldstartransport.co.uk t: +44 (0)1359 240436