Logistics Industry Supports Realise Futures

Logistics Industry Supports Realise Futures

19.4.2024 | Social Enterprise

Logistics Industry Supports Realise Futures

With company values of trust, positivity and respect, the 25-strong fulfilment team is happy to take on jobs of varying complexity and size. 

Believing the services offered by its social enterprise neighbour could help its business, Action International (Mcr) Ltd has nothing but praise for Realise Futures’ fulfilment capabilities.

Andy Howarth of Action International explains, having first worked with the organisation five years ago: “A lot of our clients sell online, so offering fulfilment services as a link in the supply chain means there was a natural synergy between what we offer our customers and the services that Realise Futures (RF) can provide.

“Having visited the organisation and met Lee Caraccio, RF’s Works manager, I instantly felt confident that their team could do the job in hand and work to the ISO9001 standards we required.

“The first job we gave to the RF team involved 18 pallets of clothing. We delivered them to RF’s Lovetofts Drive fulfilment warehouse on pallets ourselves. The team unloaded all the pallets and quality-checked, sorted the items into sizes, relabelled, and repackaged them back onto pallets for our guys to come and collect a week later.

“With the whole operation going exactly to plan, we have used the Realise Futures’ services on several occasions now to complete similar jobs, and we have always been delighted with the quality of the service provided.”

With company values of trust, positivity and respect, the 25-strong fulfilment team is happy to take on jobs of varying complexity and size.

Lee Caraccio continues: “Teamwork and meeting the needs of our clients form the bedrock of all that we do here, whether working with logistics clients such as Action International or repackaging cosmetics for high-street retailers.

“As one of the largest social enterprises in the East of England, with almost 230 employees, 40% of which have a declared disability, our success is measured by the positive impact on the lives of those we support, as much as our ability to meet the needs of our customers and the profit we generate.”

Action International’s Andy Howarth adds, “The set-up at Realise Futures is hugely impressive. I urge any logistics company in the region needing items picked, packed, or repackaged to contact Lee or the RF Team and arrange a visit to see the operation’s professionalism.

“It is a perfect way of doing business to know that you are fulfilling your client’s needs while supporting others.”

If you would like to find out how Realise Futures can support your company’s fulfilment needs, please call 01473 242500 or visit www.realisefutures.org

Image credit: Simply C Photography