MultiFreight celebrates half a century

MultiFreight celebrates half a century

13.12.2023 | Technology

MultiFreight celebrates half a century

In full celebration mode, MultiFreight is marking its 50th anniversary.

MultiFreight MD Ian Taylor says: “This is an incredible milestone for the business and one of which we are justifiably proud. The industry has changed almost beyond recognition since we started, but our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technology-based solutions to clients remains steadfast.”

Sharing key dates in the company’s history, Ian continues: “The company was founded way back in 1973 – initially being called Security Computing Services Ltd, operating within the Norcros Group of companies as an independent computer service bureau and providing a wide range of computing services to clients.

“In 1980, our first freight forwarding system called “FORWARD” was released, followed shortly afterwards by our airfreight system “SKYWARD”.

“Then, in 1994, a management buyout took place, renaming the company to SCS Ltd, and we began solely focusing on developing software solutions for the freight forwarding and shipping industry. In 1995, our multimodal freight software system “MULTIFREIGHT” was launched, followed in 1996 by our UK customs solution technology, MultiShed.

“Some twenty years later, wishing to maintain independence, a second management buyout occurred when we renamed and rebranded to MultiFreight Limited.

After joining the company in 2013 as commercial director, Ian has been researching the company’s archives to mark its 50th anniversary. He continues: “It’s amazing what I found, old brochures and even testimonials from companies that are still with us today, and with the length of our partnerships with customers highlighting the service and collaborative spirit between us.

“With our software now deployed in over 30 countries and technology continues to progress at breakneck speed, computing and software’s primary role remains to improve our daily lives. As we continue to develop new technologies, and with AI already used for mainstream applications, it isn’t easy to imagine what the next 50 years of innovation will look like. But one thing’s for sure – our commitment to doing the best job for our customers will remain the same.”

Ian Taylor’s list below showcases how very different the world was when MultiFreight was founded back in 1973:

  • Ted Heath was the UK’s Conservative Prime Minister
  • Richard Nixon was the Republican President of the USA
  • The US withdrew from the Vietnam War
  • VAT was introduced in the UK
  • Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips
  • Slade released the hit Christmas single ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’
  • The UK’s favourite horse – Red Rum – won the Grand National for the first time
  • Sunderland beat Leeds to win the FA Cup Final
  • Roger Moore starred in his first Bond film – Live and Let Die
  • Pizza Hut opened its first UK restaurant

 MultiFreight provide international freight management software solutions to companies of all sizes around the globe.

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Fargo Systems announces the appointment of Tom Gray as Product Consultant

Fargo Systems announces the appointment of Tom Gray as Product Consultant

31.10.2023 | Technology

Fargo Systems announces the appointment of Tom Gray as Product Consultant

TMS specialist progresses its recruitment investment strategy of employing from both the logistics and IT sectors.

The fourth recruit within the last twelve months and joining Fargo Systems as a product consultant, Tom’s background in transport and shipping aligns seamlessly with the company’s mission to provide the optimum combination of TopsTMS® products that streamline operations and optimise efficiency across the supply chain.

Retaining its leading position as the provider of logistics software solutions that empower businesses to enhance visibility by sharing real-time dynamic data, Fargo Systems is committed to a 50:50 recruitment split between IT specialists and those with solid logistics sector experience.

Steve Collins, managing director of Fargo Systems, explains: “We are delighted to welcome Tom Gray to the Fargo family.

“Firm believers that the combination of industry talent and technological expertise brings into play significant value-add – both for clients and from an internal perspective – Tom’s proven knowledge and understanding of the logistics landscape will strengthen our capabilities as a leading transport management system specialist. As we continue to grow and evolve, Tom’s contributions will help drive our commitment to innovation and excellence.”

Tom says of his new role: “I am excited to be part of the dynamic and forward-thinking team that keeps Fargo Systems at the forefront of digital intermodal solutions. The logistics industry is undergoing rapid transformation, and I look forward to leveraging my experience to contribute to a holistic approach to our products to meet the developing needs of our clients.”

Steve adds: “Tom’s appointment further highlights that our customer-facing team truly understands and appreciates the challenges faced by those in logistics; it also enables us to help break down the universal stereotypes that confront those working in IT.

“As leaders in our field, our reputation has been built on our commitment to communication, understanding the challenges that face our clients on a daily basis, and our emotional intelligence. And as we know, working to ensure a broader diversity pays dividends.

Tom’s appointment not only goes a long way to debunking many of those tech industry myths but positions us perfectly as a dependable ally for companies in search of innovative transport and resource scheduling solutions.”

Image credit: Jim Slade | Fargo Systems

Systems Analyst Adam Cunnew rejoins Fargo Systems after successful upskilling and project management certification

Systems Analyst Adam Cunnew rejoins Fargo Systems after successful upskilling and project management certification

20.9.2023 | Technology

Adam Cunnew rejoins Fargo Systems

Extensive knowledge and additional expertise embraced by the logistics software solutions specialist.

Fargo Systems, the logistics industry’s digital TMS provider of choice, has welcomed former employee Adam Cunnew back to the business as a systems analyst.

During the previous 12 months, Adam took the opportunity to upskill and complete the PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) accreditation in project management. His extensive knowledge and additional expertise will undoubtedly contribute to Fargo Systems’ continued success in delivering cutting-edge transport management systems to its clients.

Adam’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in his decision to invest his time in external qualifications. Achieving PRINCE2, the globally recognised de facto standard in project management demonstrates his keenness to enhance his skills and contribute even more effectively to Fargo Systems’ projects.

Adam joined Fargo Systems as an apprentice in 2016 as a first-line support and QA Tester. After completing his apprenticeship, Adam took up the role of product consultant, building a solid foundation in analysis and development over the following six years.

“We are thrilled to welcome Adam back to the Fargo Systems team,” said Managing Director Steve Collins. “His dedication to personal and professional growth is truly commendable. With his newly acquired PRINCE2 certification, we anticipate Adam will bring a fresh perspective and enhanced project management skills to our business. As we continue to strive for excellence in delivering logistics software solutions, Adam’s return comes as an asset that aligns perfectly with our goals.”

Adam’s return to Fargo Systems signals the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of ongoing development and innovation. His comprehensive skill set and the company’s robust resources and collaborative environment position Fargo Systems as a reliable partner for clients seeking innovative transport planning and resource scheduling solutions.

For more information about Fargo Systems and its range of TopsTMS® logistics software solutions, please visit

New faces at Fargo Systems

New faces at Fargo Systems

11.7.2023 | Technology

New faces at Fargo Systems

Leading software provider to the logistics industry shares recruitment news highlighting its ongoing growth and progression. 

The company is pleased to introduce two new members of staff who have recently joined its 30-plus-strong workforce.

A warm welcome to Stylianos Panagiotakis, our newest software developer who recently graduated from Exeter University. Stylianos brings a wealth of innovation and enthusiasm to our Exeter-based development team.

And on the other side of the country, Verity Patel joins our team as marketing assistant situated in Ipswich. Reporting directly to business development manager Bimal Patel, Verity will play a role in expanding our market presence and has already made a remarkable impact during her first few weeks.

Located in Exeter, Adam Jones, Fargo’s technical director, says: “We’re delighted to welcome Stylianos to the team. Working alongside such experienced and innovative software developers, Stylianos can build his skills and confidence in an encouraging environment as we continue to build on the innovation in TOPS.”

Fargo Systems’ managing director, Steve Collins, adds: “It’s great news that both Verity and Stylianos have joined Fargo. In the few weeks they have been with us, both have ably demonstrated that ‘can do’ attitude that sets us apart, and with a full calendar planned for the remainder of 2023 and beyond, they couldn’t have joined at a better time.”

Image, L-R: Stylianos Panagiotakis and Vertiy Patel.

Cyber security specialist hosts open day

Cyber security specialist hosts open day

18.10.2022 | Technology

Cyber security specialist hosts open day

Corbel offers the latest security advice, aids your Technology Roadmap, and supports your IT strategy. 

Have you started planning your Cyber Security Strategy for 2023? Cyber security awareness and improvement are critical for every business in the transport and logistics sector.

Ipswich-based IT support and cyber security expert Corbel is dedicated to providing resources, tools and more to ensure that every Suffolk business in the industry is secure and protected in the best way possible.

Finding the time to know where to start thinking about your cyber security strategy for next year can be incredibly daunting. To this end, Corbel is opening its doors to demonstrate its award-winning ways of how technology can revolutionise your business.

“We all now live in a digital economy, but a lesser known fact is that over half the traffic on the internet is of a criminal nature”, states Karen Rogers, Managing Director of Corbel. “It is easy for many local businesses to brush that aside, believing that a cyber breach would not impact them. However, we know 61% of small and medium businesses are now being hit by cyber-attacks every year. We are working with a Suffolk firm in the transport and logistics sector that came to us after being compromised. Our role now ensures that they have every measure in place to protect and secure themselves. The best defence is a good offence, and we cannot recommend enough that you have a Cyber Strategy in place for your business.”

Join Corbel on Tuesday, 8th November, for an informal chat with its trusted and experienced team. The open day features an ask-the-expert section, key presentations on cyber security, and explains how you can use its cyber security portal, as well as technology demos, helpful tips and resources to save you and your business time.

The Corbel Open Morning is on Tuesday, 8th November, from 9.30am- 12.00pm.

Corbel HQ, 9 Wentworth Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9SY.

Spaces are limited, so please register today.

Defend and Invest

Defend and Invest

21.9.2022 | Technology

Defend and invest

Safeguard your business from cyber criminals and ensure that technology is driving your business forward and not holding it back.

The transport and logistics industries are busier than ever. Rising customer demands for fast and flawless delivery to consumers and businesses is a great opportunity, yet it also poses challenges that must be overcome. Alongside global issues such as skilled labour shortages, rising fuel prices and changing emission standards, the need for supply chain visibility and real-time communication is critical to the success of the industry. The reliance on technology is hugely significant.

From integrating teams and programs, supporting better communication and collaboration, increasing visibility, boosting security and, more crucially, maximising efficiencies- technology has a vital role to play in the transport and logistics sector. Being one step ahead with your technology can ensure you gain a competitive advantage for your business. Utilising an IT Services Buyers Guide to find all the key components you should consider when talking about your technology is a great place to start. Here, we detail just one aspect and show why having a clear robust IT Strategy in place is helping those in the transport and logistics industry to thrive.

What’s your IT Strategy?
A strong IT strategy has the power to change everything in your business.

There are two main Technology areas that you should always focus on for your IT Strategy:

Defend is safeguarding your business from cyber criminals.

Invest is ensuring that technology is driving your business forward and not holding it back.

More and more business tasks in the transport and logistics sector have become totally dependent on great IT. Many businesses in the sector are shifting away from on-site software solutions to integrated cloud-based technologies incorporating warehouse management systems, transportation management systems and predictive analytics. Many are even looking into the concept of anticipatory shipping. It’s a rapidly changing environment, so you need to ensure you have a trusted, proactive IT support partner. You must also put your IT strategy and Technology Roadmap, including your data security, front and central to your long-term business planning.

IT Strategy/Technology Roadmap
Your IT Strategy is a key foundation to growing your business and ultimately can make the difference between enduring a difficult time or thriving through it. Throughout the last couple of years, the pandemic has meant you are already likely to have made some changes to your business strategy.

Some people look at the term ‘IT Strategy’ and think it’s just all about IT but, there’s so much more to it- we know how intrinsic IT is to the transport and logistics industry. Whilst your IT strategy will include a plan for your technology and the devices that you use, it is essentially more about your business and how your technology can support you to achieve all that you would like to in a positive way.

An IT strategy should be used by companies of all sizes. It should be part of your business plan, detailing your aims for the way technology will enable you to progress towards your objectives and your goals. It should always cover short, medium, and long-term targets and provide space for changes in case you need to modify them quickly.

But where do you start? One of the initial things to do is to take a look at your existing IT infrastructure. What’s working well? What’s not working as well and causing you pain points? Where do you think improvements could be made? Consider your growth. As your business progresses, will your technology grow with you? Or will you have to factor in new phone systems, applications, and even some networks?

IT has revolutionised the Transport and Logistics industry. Now computer-based information systems are used to gather information, process it and make the management procedures more efficient and effective. Every item that is shipped globally can be tracked at all stages, and because of this, problems with delivery or dispatching can be pinpointed any step of the way, providing a much more efficient service. Even data that is collected by IT can be analysed to predict trends to help improve service. Continuing to be proactive and look at ways in which you can continue to maximise your efficiencies is a vital part of your IT strategy.

Chat to the people that work in your business day to day. What would they change? What do they think works well? What impacts how efficient they are? Are there parts of your infrastructure that hinder what you do? Would moving to a different software save you time? Or are there any regular inputs that you could automate?

When you work with an IT Support Partner like Corbel Solutions your IT strategy will be entwined with the solutions that are right for you. They will make recommendations based on how you work and how you would like to work.

A technology roadmap is an element of your IT strategy and will help you budget. We all face unexpected costs and invoices, and it can be difficult to determine when they will occur. Alongside your IT Support partner, all costs can be forecasted, meaning your budget is fully justified, and value for money is ensured.

Another format that can be used within your technology roadmap is some metrics to measure how your infrastructure is working for you. Reflecting and analysing how good a particular system works and whether it’s delivering a good return on your investment.

Regular account meetings and strategic reviews should also be pencilled in. Your IT Strategy will be bespoke to you, at Corbel Solutions, we always recommend it at least every 6 months, and if you consider how much external factors influence and change the transport and logistics industry, it’s important to reflect on what’s going well and what is taking longer than you would have hoped for. Sometimes a slight tweak in your systems can really help towards reaching your goals.

In the transport and logistics sector, you cannot just focus on your service- you must consider the whole chain. From initial manufacturing through to delivery and dispatch, any single break in the system and the ripple effect impacts all the businesses within that chain. That’s why your IT Strategy doesn’t just focus on IT but on your whole business strategy. It’s about having an IT support partner, not an IT support company. Looking at the whole picture and being proactive enough to stop the disruptive issues from happening and, planning your steps to success.

That’s what a trusted IT support partner does. We take a proactive approach. Doing as much as possible in the background to prevent things from going wrong in the first place. Sometimes things will go wrong. Unfortunately, that’s inevitable when it comes to data and technology. Nevertheless, all of that proactive work means that we need to clean up much less than an IT support company that has not worked proactively.

A technology roadmap also gives clarity. From what investments are critical, what could be put on hold (if there was an issue) through to what could possibly be postponed or brought forward depending on your financial status.

Most importantly, it’s a proactive partnership that allows this in-depth planning to take place. Understanding your business, your team, and your processes. This dedication makes it easier for us to help you because we know (just as well as you do) where the business is going.

IT Strategy Action Points in Summary

– Define your business goals and objectives
– Engage your key stakeholders
– Review your existing infrastructure
– Create a technology roadmap that aligns with your business goals
– Define metrics

Corbel is hosting an Open Morning on Tuesday, 8th November 2022, from 9.30am- 12.00pm. We welcome all local businesses to meet us and see the hugely positive impact technology can have. Register here.

Corbel Solutions are IT Experts offering IT SupportCyber Security and Workplace Recovery services to businesses across Suffolk. If you would like further information, get in touch and email or give us a call on 01473 241515.