VARTAN Consultancy move to a Central Location

VARTAN Consultancy move to a Central Location

23.8.2023 | Risk management

VARTAN Consultancy move to a Central Location

Miles Vartan moves his business to the heart of the Felixstowe business community. 

With targeted business areas evolving well, Miles Vartan has moved his company to create a dynamic business hub from which VARTAN Consultancy can respond to the diverse range of its customer requirements.

Now located in refurbished offices in the centre of Felixstowe (10 Victoria Street), VARTAN Consultancy is busier than ever helping organisations across the region get ready for the potential build of Sizewell C Power Station has long been a strategic objective for the business; in addition to its ongoing compliance work.

Miles Vartan explains: “Over £2bn has been targeted for spend with local businesses if those companies or associated collaborative ventures can demonstrate that they can provide Sizewell C Limited and their related Tier 1 providers with solutions that meet EDF’s promises to the local community.

“The VARTAN Way is a package of solutions through which potential suppliers can develop their Quality Management Systems, continue to promote an interactive and effective Health & Safety Policy and demonstrate how they are committed to creating Social Value – if you can create a solid community footprint supported by involvement in such a significant project the potential in this area is immense.”

The fallout from Brexit and how COVID-19 affected the British economy have created many opportunities for VARTAN Consultancy.

“These outside influences have prompted us to develop training programmes (which are very much up and running) that relate to customs compliance, the use of the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) and the impending operational transition that will require the completion of all UK exports exclusively through CDS. Promoting these courses and other forms of assistance through social media are routes to market that VARTAN Consultancy has become well practised in over the last couple of years, so please keep an eye out for the company’s latest news.

“Freeport East is another opportunity for the region that is developing fast. This geographical triangle linking Felixstowe, Harwich and Stowmarket is adding to significant regional economic activity with locations like Port One Logistics and the Lowestoft LEAF project.”

With experience gained through working in Freeport locations around the UK, VARTAN Consultancy is in an ideal position to assist businesses who are interested in creating Freeport Customs sites; processing, adding value to items, exporting duty-free, generating jobs…. could the Freeport concept produce the step-up that the UK is looking for?

Miles adds: “Having lived and worked in and around Felixstowe and the Port for the last 35 years, I understand the power of networking and the immeasurable benefits of keeping connected. Establishing the business in the heart of this community can only be a positive development for VARTAN Consultancy.

Image, L-R: Josh Vartan, Miles Vartan and Darryl Ripper.

VARTAN welcomes two new consultants

VARTAN welcomes two new consultants

21.9.2022 | Risk Management

VARTAN welcomes new consultants

Committed to delivering the best service possible, the Felixstowe-based consultancy has appointed two new members to its team. 

With compliance and customs clearance very much the current hot topics, VARTAN Consultancy’s expertise in customs compliance, AEO and health and safety has never been more in demand.

Committed to delivering the best service possible, the Felixstowe-based consultancy has appointed two new members to its team.

Joining the company as a customs compliance consultant, James Bloomfield brings unrivalled expertise in customs clearance. His experience in accuracy-based roles will also provide essential support for VARTAN’S clients as they navigate the transition to the mandatory Customs Declarations Service (CDS).

With over 25 years of multi-disciplinary experience, Darryl Ripper joins the company as a consultant. Bringing a wealth of expertise in shipping, warehouse and logistics, freight forwarding and the customs sector, Darryl has hit the ground running in his new role.

Miles Vartan says of the two recent appointments:

“The knowledge and expertise that both James and Darryl bring to the company are second to none. James’ passion for teaching and streamlining operations will greatly benefit our strategic plans. Daryl’s experience of delivering on expectations of both multinational and national organisations sits perfectly with our company values of fulfilling promises, meeting deadlines and delivering nothing other than exceptional customer service to clients.”

Image: James Bloomfield


James Bloomfield

Vartan goes from strength to strength

Vartan goes from strength to strength

5.7.2022 | Risk management

Vartan goes from strength to strength

Recruitment, promotion and awards. 

“2022 is turning out to be a better year for the logistics sector, and a particularly good one for us here at VARTAN”, says the compliance specialist’s Managing Director and Founder, Miles Vartan.

Miles has employed four new staff members in the last 18 months: “Our recruits are a great asset to the team, and our expansion plans don’t stop here; we’re looking to share further recruitment news in August.”

Fully appreciating that a company’s success is down to the commitment and skills of its employees, the company is delighted to announce, with immediate effect, Corinne Robinson’s appointment as General Manager. Having joined the company in December 2020, Corinne spearheaded the company’s journey to ISO 9001 accreditation recognising commitment to continuous improvement, which was secured in October last year. Miles says: “Corinne is a star in our midst, and I’m delighted that her promotion recognises her hard work and limitless ‘can-do’ attitude to get things right.”

And last but not least, congratulations go to Josh Vartan for becoming a finalist in this year’s Adult Learning Awards. Nominated in the category of ‘Inspirational Learner of the Year’ for his sterling work with WS Training as part of his business administration apprenticeship, Josh says: “The apprenticeship has taught me so much about professional language, how organisations run day-to-day, business fundamentals, relevant regulations, internal and external stakeholders, external environmental factors, polices and finally, processes. All of the embedded knowledge has helped me in my role in administration, and I’d recommend it to anyone starting out in their business life.” Josh has also been recognised as an ambassador for the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (AAN) and has been put forward for the National Apprenticeship of the Year award. Watch this space!

VARTAN secures ISO 9001:2015

VARTAN secures ISO 9001:2015

13.10.2021 | Risk management

Vartan secures ISO 9001:2015

Certification illustrates compliance specialist putting ‘their money where their mouth is’ and leading by example.

Risk compliance specialist VARTAN Consultancy, renowned for successfully guiding companies through a range of ISO qualifications, has achieved ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification.

The global ISO 9001 Standard is a powerful business improvement tool, providing the framework and guidance for VARTAN to effectively establish conformity and customer satisfaction.

VARTAN Operations Manager, Corinne Robinson, spearheaded the quality management accreditation process, from its start in early April to its successful conclusion an impressive four months later. This attainment enables the company to streamline operations, improve efficiency and productivity while demonstrating the compliance specialist’s commitment to achieving quality across its policies and processes.

Corinne explained: In a rapidly growing company, working with customers such as Muntons and Anchor Freight, there is an inevitable demand to meet the highest expectations. The procedures we’ve implemented have given us a structure with clear metrics and opportunities for continued improvement. This certification is another clear illustration of our business leading by example.”

Founder and Managing Director of VARTAN, Miles Vartan summarised: The team’s commitment to go above and beyond to achieve ISO 9001:2001 was evident from the start. Our clients can be reassured that we offer the service that is required of us, while at the same time constantly meeting the exacting standards set out by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). We are very proud of the accreditation.”

For more information about VARTAN Compliance Consultancy, please visit

Corinne Robinson, Vartan Operations Manager

VARTAN Launches Compliance Expertise Podcast Series

VARTAN Launches Compliance Expertise Podcast Series

24.8.2021 | Risk Management

VARTAN Launches Compliance Expertise Podcast Series

Miles Vartan gets behind the mic to talk all things compliance and risk management.

Drawing on its own expertise and that of expert guests, VARTAN’s new podcast series demystifies the complexities surrounding compliance and risk management and encourages all to join the conversation.

This week, compliance specialists VARTAN Consultancy launches the company’s The Compliance Experts Podcast series. Hosted by company Founder and Managing Director Miles Vartan, the series aims to demystify all aspects of compliance and make sense of legislation through discussion.

In the first episode, Miles offers a snapshot of what he and his expert guests will bring to this honest and straight-talking podcast series. He says: “We will be inviting experts to join the conversation and help iron out the confusion of compliance. As well as to dive into the legislative aspects that companies need to be cognisant of and develop ideas and tangible solutions to help us all manage the jungle of compliance and risk management.”

Dynamic in its approach, the monthly podcast series will also tackle the latest news and hot topics as they unfold. Miles continues: “The podcasts will be 45 minutes in length – long enough to benefit from the information imparted and short enough to create interest. In the first edition, I catch up with Neil Bird, our senior consultant and import and export expert here at VARTAN, to discuss the changes in legislation around Brexit’s import and export laws and their subsequent impact on businesses.”

Guests in the second and third editions of The Compliance Expert Podcast, which are available to listen to VARTAN’s website, include Jon Swallow, director of Jordon Freight (and authoritative Brexit industry commentator) and Laura Thomas, legal and QHSE director of Jackson Civil Engineering. She talks about the challenges of returning to the workplace, employee wellbeing, and adapting to the new environment.

The Compliance Experts Podcast is available to listen to now on podcast directories and via our website

Miles adds: “This is an exciting new venture for us here at VARTAN, and its success relies on people getting in touch and being involved. We are always looking at improving our positioning in the marketplace and making our knowledge more accessible. A conversation with Susanna Hornby of Suffolk-based led to our first three podcasts being published on our website, Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts and we’re looking forward to working with her and the team on future editions.”

Disclaimer: At the time of recording, the information in this podcast was deemed correct, BUT please note legislation, deadlines, and information can change daily – so please always check in with VARTAN Consultancy for up-to-the-minute information.

HMRC issues guidance on goods arriving in Britain without an import declaration (CIP 1)

HMRC issues guidance on goods arriving in Britain without an import declaration (CIP 1)

13.7.2021 | Risk Management

HMRC issues guidance on goods arriving in Britain without an import declaration (CIP 1)

Essential reading for anyone involved in the import of goods from the EU into the UK. 

Following guidance issued by HMRC on 6th July 2021, goods that have been imported into the UK since January 1st, 2021, for which no Full Frontier Declaration, Entry in Declarant’s Records (EIDR) or Simplified Declaration has been made, will have been imported into the UK non-compliantly.

HMRC has now issued guidance on how to proceed in these situations. The full text of the policy can be found here.