Uniserve empowers Vivid Goliath to navigate peak season successfully

Uniserve empowers Vivid Goliath to navigate peak season successfully

23.4.2024 | Warehousing

Uniserve empowers Vivid Goliath to navigate peak season successfully

Logistics giant appointed as strategic logistics partner, offering high-quality, efficient 3PL services equipped with reliable picking, packing, and rework procedures. 


Uniserve proudly announces the successful collaboration with Vivid Goliath, a prominent and Top 10 supplier within the toys and games trade. Vivid Goliath delivers exceptional results amidst the fast-paced and seasonal demands of their market.

Vivid Goliath faced the challenge of managing a substantial volume of approximately 50,000 order lines annually across diverse customer channels. These channels included major national retailers and e-commerce platforms, including Argos and Amazon. To meet these demands and streamline its supply chain, Vivid Goliath required a comprehensive logistics management solution that ensured precise stock management, reduced costs, and increased operational and distribution efficiency.

Uniserve was appointed Vivid Goliath’s new strategic logistics partner. It offers high-quality, efficient 3PL services equipped with reliable picking, packing, and rework procedures. Leveraging the capabilities of our 750,000 sq ft Felixstowe Mega DC, Uniserve provided rapid and responsive support along with tailored storage solutions to meet Vivid Goliath’s unique needs.

To ensure seamless order consolidation, Uniserve established a dedicated central team responsible for managing delivery bookings directly with Vivid Goliath’s customers.

From the offset, Uniserve has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement in conjunction with Vivid Goliath. It has delivered several initiatives that significantly benefited Vivid Goliath’s operations and costs, including reduced stock holding initiatives, slicker transport planning for different routes to market, and the onboarding of dedicated staff to facilitate all of Vivid Goliath’s value-added service requirements.

Nick Thomas, General Manager at Vivid Goliath, commented:
“This is the smoothest Peak season that Vivid Goliath has experienced recently. Thanks to the collaborative approach between our Operations Team and our 3PL provider, Uniserve, we have successfully navigated our key sales period in the calendar. We look forward to further developing our relationship in the upcoming year and seeing what future initiatives will hold.”

Multimodal 2024 Preview Event coming to Felixstowe

Multimodal 2024 Preview Event coming to Felixstowe

20.2.2024 | Logistics

Multimodal 2024 Preview Event coming to Felixstowe

Logistics professionals invited to an exclusive gathering for an insight into Multimodal show plans. 

Multimodal, the UK and Ireland’s leading freight and transport, logistics and supply chain management exhibition, is set to give industry insiders a glimpse into its upcoming 2024 show at an exclusive preview in Felixstowe.

Scheduled for the evening of February 27th 2024, from 5-8pm, the event will take place at The Brasserie, Alex Cafe Bar, located at IP11 2AF in Felixstowe. Attendees can expect an evening of networking, refreshments, and insights into what Multimodal 2024 has in store.

“We’re excited to offer this sneak peek into Multimodal 2024,” said Clarion events director Robert Jervis

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for those in the freight transport, logistics, and supply chain sectors to come together, learn about our plans, and connect with peers.”

The evening promises attendees the chance to enjoy drinks and lite bites while gaining valuable insights into the industry’s latest trends, innovations, and developments.

With Multimodal 2024 poised to be the calendar highlight for professionals in the sector, the get-together offers a unique opportunity to get ahead of the curve.

Anyone interested in attending is encouraged to RSVP by the close of play today to secure their spot. Those who plan to be in the Felixstowe area on February 27th are invited to join the gathering and discover what Multimodal 2024 has in store, including its commitment to sustainability and plans to halve emissions by 2030 and achieve Net Zero by 2050.

“We’re looking forward to seeing you there and sharing our exciting plans for Multimodal 2024,” Robert added.

With anticipation building for another successful edition of Multimodal, the preview event in Felixstowe promises to be an evening of networking and collaboration for industry professionals.

Multimodal – NEC Birmingham – 11-13 June 2024

Navigating the UK’s 2024 Economic Seas: Cautious Optimism in a Choppy Landscape

Navigating the UK’s 2024 Economic Seas: Cautious Optimism in a Choppy Landscape

23.1.2024 | Industry matters

Navigating the UK's 2024 Economic Seas: Cautious Optimism in a Choppy Landscape

Carl Day (MBA) Director of  Charlie Delta reveals the UK economy’s 2024 outlook.  

As we cast off into the economic voyage of 2024, uncertainty still swirls around us. Will choppy waters continue to rock us, or can we steer towards calmer horizons? Buckle up, adjust your sails, and let’s navigate the latest forecasts, charting a course through headwinds and tailwinds to reveal the UK economy’s 2024 outlook.

A Steady Course, not a Titanic Tragedy:

While economic pundits quibble over decimal points, a consensus leans towards a sluggish yet stable journey. The International Monetary Fund predicts a GDP growth of just 0.6%, a gentle nudge forward compared to the choppy waters of the past year.

Inflation’s Ebbing Tide:

With inflation still keeping us on our toes, its grip has loosened. While prices remain elevated, the tide turns, with forecasts suggesting a steady decline towards the Bank of England’s 2% target by 2025. This easing pressure offers a sigh of relief to consumers, particularly when considered alongside the potential wage growth predicted in the latest McKinsey report (McKinsey Global Institute, 2023).

Interest Rate Anchors:

The Bank of England deployed its trusty interest rate anchors to weather the inflationary storm. However, expectations point towards a possible easing later in the year, which could unleash a current of investment, stimulating businesses and potentially sparking a gradual economic uptick.

Turbulent Global Activity:

The ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Palestine and the Red Sea’s intensified disruptions add unwelcome pressure to prices. Vessel operators navigate more costly alternative routes, hampered by the drop in overall volume experienced in 2023, further complicating matters and almost inevitably adding future pressure to consumer prices.

Beyond the Horizon:  AI and OCR – Potential Beacons of Hope

Weak productivity continues to dampen growth. Brexit’s lingering effects and political uncertainties in the UK and USA cast a shadow of complexity, keeping businesses wary. Yet, amidst these challenges, silver linings shimmer, not just as distant hopes but as tangible signals of potential recovery.

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)  area These advancements are two such beacons worth embracing, as both have the potential to unlock significant productivity gains, cost efficiencies, and smarter business practices.

AI promises to be a game-changer for businesses across industries. From automating mundane tasks and optimising supply chains to predicting customer behaviour and driving personalised marketing campaigns, Consider, for example, the potential for AI-powered tools to automate data entry and analysis, tasks often bogging down companies with inefficiencies.

OCR technology, capable of translating scanned documents and images into digital text, is an often-overlooked force multiplier. When coupled with AI, its potential unfolds even further. Imagine instantly extracting key information from contracts, invoices, or regulatory documents, eliminating manual data entry errors and more, and enabling businesses to utilise that data for improved decision-making and compliance.

These aren’t just theoretical possibilities. These innovations offer businesses the tools to break through productivity bottlenecks, reduce costs, and gain valuable insights.

Investing in the Future:

Long-term investment in infrastructure upgrades, education reforms, and embracing disruptive technologies like automation and AI are the sails that will propel the economy forward. The McKinsey report highlights upskilling as crucial for addressing the productivity gap and unlocking future growth.

Expectations for 2024:

The 2024 economic voyage may not be a thrilling high-seas adventure, but it’s far from a doomed Titanic journey. With careful policies, long-term investments, and a continued focus on innovation, the sun-kissed shores of sustainable growth may be closer than we think.

Strategies to Adopt in Uncertain Times:

During economic doldrums, businesses face various challenges, but there are several strategies they can undertake to be ahead of the game when the upturn returns. For example:

Financial Preparedness:

  • Strengthen the financial position: Manage cash flow effectively, reduce unnecessary expenses, and optimise operational efficiency. Create a contingency plan and conduct a scenario analysis to identify potential risks and mitigation strategies.
  • Embrace technology: Utilising technology for enhanced financial management, data analysis, and automation can boost efficiency and uncover cost-saving opportunities.

Customer Focus:

  • Maintain strong relationships: Focus on customer retention by providing value-added services, personalised experiences, and flexible payment options. Effective communication and customer satisfaction initiatives are crucial.
  • Meet evolving needs: Stay ahead of market trends and identify emerging customer needs. Diversify product or service offerings and explore new markets or customer segments.

Innovation and Adaptation:

  • Foster a culture of innovation: Invest in research and development, experiment with new technologies, and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Leverage AI and automation: as previously mentioned, implement AI solutions to streamline, optimise decision-making and gain insights. The McKinsey report emphasises the increasing adoption of AI across industries and its potential for driving productivity gains.
  • Embrace new business models: Explore disruptive business models like subscription services, on-demand platforms, or the sharing economy. Agility and adaptability are key in today’s dynamic market.

Talent Management:

  • Prioritise talent retention: Invest in employee engagement and motivation through training, development opportunities, and flexible work arrangements. Recognise and reward top talent to prevent churn.
  • Build a talent pipeline: Attract and nurture future talent through recruitment efforts, networking, and internships. The McKinsey report highlights the growing importance of lifelong learning and upskilling for individuals and businesses.

Strategic Partnerships:

  • Collaboration: Form alliances or partnerships with complimentary businesses to expand customer reach, share costs, access new markets, and leverage collective strengths.
  • Seek out expert guidance: Consider partnering with consultancy firms or industry experts for strategic advice and support in navigating complex economic conditions.


These strategies will help businesses survive during challenging times and create a solid foundation for future growth and success.

As the McKinsey report states, “The future of work is not about replacing humans with machines, but about empowering humans to work alongside machines and use them to their full potential.” By embracing this philosophy and implementing the abovementioned strategies, businesses can chart a course towards a brighter future, not just in 2024 but for years to come.

Remember, when looking back over recent economic history, the economy moves through a cycle of growth, slowdown, stagnation, and eventually regrowth. Those businesses that strategically prepare for the regrowth are the ones with the most success.

“It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning how to dance in the rain.”

Charlie Delta 

DP World goes fossil diesel free at London Gateway

DP World goes fossil diesel free at London Gateway

22.1.2024 | Ports

DP World goes fossil diesel free at London Gateway

DP World has achieved a significant milestone in its sustainability journey by making both of its UK logistics hubs fossil-free. 


Diesel-engine equipment and installations were switched over to run on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) at the start of January as part of London Gateway’s sustainability drive, which made significant progress last year towards electrification and the use of more carbon-efficient energy sources.

HVO, a renewable biodiesel derived from sustainable sources, will significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions at the hub and is expected to save around 8,300 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) in 2024 – equal to the annual emissions of more than 4,700 family cars.

DP World will deploy HVO at London Gateway throughout the entirety of 2024, with an expected 26% net reduction in the company’s total carbon emissions from its fleet and installations by the end of the year. The move follows DP World Southampton’s transition to HVO 18 months ago, which resulted in carbon emissions being cut by 90%.

Ahsan Agha, Vice President Port Operations at DP World London Gateway, said: “Transitioning from fossil diesel to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) across our operations is critical to meeting our customer’s supply chain demands. The move demonstrates not only our goal of becoming a net zero carbon organisation by 2050 but also highlights our commitment to our customer’s sustainability success as well as our own.

“Alongside our unrivalled and unique array of assets and suite of capabilities at London Gateway, the adaptation of HVO helps our customers stay both competitive and carbon efficient in a fast-changing and unpredictable trading environment.”

The sustainability benefits from the transition to HVO at London Gateway will be bolstered by the forthcoming £350m new fourth berth due to open this summer, which will be operated by eight new state-of-the-art fully electric straddle carriers. The £12m investment in the straddle carriers will further support and accelerate London Gateway’s energy transition, forming an integral part of the first all-electric fleet to go into commercial operation at a port anywhere in the world.

In addition to its UK hubs at London Gateway and Southampton, DP World’s offer includes logistics, forwarding and European transport capabilities, all of which are being integrated into the company’s global network. Operating in 78 countries, DP World handles 10 per cent of world trade.

VARTAN Consultancy move to a Central Location

VARTAN Consultancy move to a Central Location

23.8.2023 | Risk management

VARTAN Consultancy move to a Central Location

Miles Vartan moves his business to the heart of the Felixstowe business community. 

With targeted business areas evolving well, Miles Vartan has moved his company to create a dynamic business hub from which VARTAN Consultancy can respond to the diverse range of its customer requirements.

Now located in refurbished offices in the centre of Felixstowe (10 Victoria Street), VARTAN Consultancy is busier than ever helping organisations across the region get ready for the potential build of Sizewell C Power Station has long been a strategic objective for the business; in addition to its ongoing compliance work.

Miles Vartan explains: “Over £2bn has been targeted for spend with local businesses if those companies or associated collaborative ventures can demonstrate that they can provide Sizewell C Limited and their related Tier 1 providers with solutions that meet EDF’s promises to the local community.

“The VARTAN Way is a package of solutions through which potential suppliers can develop their Quality Management Systems, continue to promote an interactive and effective Health & Safety Policy and demonstrate how they are committed to creating Social Value – if you can create a solid community footprint supported by involvement in such a significant project the potential in this area is immense.”

The fallout from Brexit and how COVID-19 affected the British economy have created many opportunities for VARTAN Consultancy.

“These outside influences have prompted us to develop training programmes (which are very much up and running) that relate to customs compliance, the use of the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) and the impending operational transition that will require the completion of all UK exports exclusively through CDS. Promoting these courses and other forms of assistance through social media are routes to market that VARTAN Consultancy has become well practised in over the last couple of years, so please keep an eye out for the company’s latest news.

“Freeport East is another opportunity for the region that is developing fast. This geographical triangle linking Felixstowe, Harwich and Stowmarket is adding to significant regional economic activity with locations like Port One Logistics and the Lowestoft LEAF project.”

With experience gained through working in Freeport locations around the UK, VARTAN Consultancy is in an ideal position to assist businesses who are interested in creating Freeport Customs sites; processing, adding value to items, exporting duty-free, generating jobs…. could the Freeport concept produce the step-up that the UK is looking for?

Miles adds: “Having lived and worked in and around Felixstowe and the Port for the last 35 years, I understand the power of networking and the immeasurable benefits of keeping connected. Establishing the business in the heart of this community can only be a positive development for VARTAN Consultancy.

Image, L-R: Josh Vartan, Miles Vartan and Darryl Ripper.

Getting Interview Ready in 2023

Getting Interview Ready in 2023

8.3.2023 | Recruitment

Getting Interview Ready in 2023

Getting invited for an interview is a big deal – top tips to impress and showcase your skills, personality and what sets you apart.

Amanda Harrold of specialist shipping and logistics recruiters A&S Recruitment says: “I’m always amazed how often candidates turn up unprepared for an interview. A successful interview is your one chance to secure the position, so putting in the work beforehand makes sense.

“With an average interview lasting just 30 minutes, every moment counts, and an interviewer will happily cut short the time allocated if they feel the conversation is going nowhere. As soon as you walk in the room, you should be on a mission to impress and showcase your skills, personality and what sets you apart.”

Follow Amanda’s top tips below and see how her advice raises your game – and, fingers crossed, helps you get the job.

Top Tip No.1 – Transferable Skills

It’s almost impossible that your skills are a perfect match for what the company interviewing you requires. So, you must emphasise all the transferable skills you have that will fit the requirements of the role you are applying for. The aim is to make the employer appreciate that you understand what’s required from the job description and that your adaptability and keenness to build on the knowledge you already have will fill any gaps.

Top Tip No. 2 – Honesty and Transparency

This is really important. If you have limited experience in a specific field or position, ensure you’re honest and transparent about this during the interview. This shows that you’re aware of your limitations but that you’re also willing to learn and grow. Going down the rabbit hole of embellishing the truth is never a good idea.

Top Tip No. 3 – Enthusiasm

Prospective employers want to see that you’re pleased to have been granted an interview and have a genuine desire to secure the position. Showing your keenness and willingness to learn can go a long way to compensating for your lack of experience. Employers will always be attracted to those candidates that demonstrate they are keen to learn, adapt and perform.

Top Tip No. 4 – Present the Best Version of Yourself

Being honest with yourself and the interviewer is vital. We all have to start our careers somewhere, and having less experience than other candidates doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not qualified for the role. Let the interviewer see your real personality and your zeal to succeed.

It’s also essential that you dress to impress. Turn up tidy and presentable, and be sure to pay attention to those small details that can make all the difference – clean shoes, ironed clothes and neat hair.

Top Tip No. 5- Highlight your achievements

Leaving any ego at the door is always a good idea when going for an interview, but you also have to be ready to highlight your achievements. Be proud of what you’ve achieved in your working life (even if you’re only just starting out), and come to an interview knowing that you can recount an achievement for each role you’ve had. Bring examples and case studies of what you’ve achieved, and how you have applied your skills to similar situations always impresses.

Top Tip No. 6 – Do your Homework

Candidates that stand out for prospective employers are those that have invested time to learn more about the company they’re hoping to join. The ability to show that you understand a company’s culture or can talk about recent contract wins or new products or services goes a long way in boosting your chances of getting a second interview or even the job.

Top Tip No. 7 – Practice Practice Practice

Possibly the most important advice I can offer. Before any interview, practice answering common interview questions with answers that aren’t just one-sentence replies but that flow and showcase your capabilities.

Don’t neglect this top tip even if you’ve been for tens of interviews before. Recording yourself is always a good idea, as is getting a family member or friend to do mock interviews.

Amanda adds: “Hopefully, my interview hacks will strike a chord with those currently job hunting, but please remember our door is always open for those looking for a new role and needing support to achieve their goals.”